Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Does this look.... a poorly child to you?!

I had a phone call from the school at about 12.45 this afternoon saying that Holly had bad tummy ache and was really upset by it,could I go and pick her up.So I turned the iron off and walked as quick as I could to go and collect her.Now bear with me here as I probably sound awful...I was a little dubious because yesterday she had said to me 'I hope I'm off sick tomorrow so I don't have to sit next to M***** at lunchtime' .M***** is an on-going pain in the bum.I don't think she actually bullies Holly but she is just...a pain.She used to (they now have to sit boy, girl) fiddle with Holly's hair(to the point of pulling her plaits out), poke her, jog her while she was writing etc etc.She insists on sitting next to Holly at lunchtimes and Holly is just plain fed up with her behaviour.This has been going on on and off since reception .The problem is though, some of the time Holly does like her , she just doesn't want to be monopolised by her.Anyway, back to the tummy ache...she was really upset still when I collected her :(.Once home she settled on the settee with the hot water bottle and a blanket and perked up within about an hour. We had a little chat and she has assured me that this was nothing to do with trying to avoid M*****.....I don't think she's lying, but what she said yesterday bothers me.So I'll be back in to see her teacher tomorrow.

Thank you for being so lovely about yesterday's post xx Today has been better...I'm not letting stuff get to me so much.I had a disastrous weigh -in (expected!) and have resolved to get firmly back on the wagon ...I do not want to be wobbly again this summer !!

And I was cheered up heaps by reading Anna's blog this evening...yep, another view of life through Peter's eyes ...guaranteed to make you laugh!

Ali, I hope all goes well at the show this weekend hun!


happydays525 said...

Oh my! I came over to see if you had Emily's week 4 posted and read this instead! I am laughing, :). Thanks for this delightful post and picture!

Tammy said...

Hi girl! :)

Thanks for the well wishes! MUCH appreciated especially since I am a GIGANTIC wuss as far as pain goes and even though I am not claustrophobic that MRI was creepy! Hated it!

Sorry about your sweet pea:( I hope she feels better. And I agree that another visit to the teacher is a good idea.

Hope you are feeling better today. Keep smilin. I'll be thinking of you all the way across the ocean.


Beth said...

Oh Sue, what you've said about Holly is like what's been happening with Martyn, though, thankfully, it's slowly being resolved. Strange though isn't it, when certain kids plague others, yet sometimes, for example, "in our case" our's sort of like them sometimes and not other times, lol. Nevermind eh, at least she's not poorly poorly. Good girl to be thinking positive aswell. Beth XX