Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I went over to Emily's blog this morning (see link in the blogs column!) and I think I've found something I can 'join in' with! There are times when I my scrapping gets me down, I don't seem to have enough 'deep thoughts' to do the journalling some people manage to do.Reading what people were putting in their Christmas Journals made me think hard about how we spend Christmas and I was a bit shocked to realise we don't really have any 'traditions' (other than me not cooking the dinner!) So this year I will make an effort to start 'doing' more! Anyway, back on to the subject of Emily! She has done a class using a pack of cards, you decorate and journal on one card a week throughout the year.So I'm thinking this could be just what I need! I can't promise it'll be arty...or deep...but it will be 'mine' Now to find a complete pack of cards.....

Finally took pics of Holly's scrapping from the weekend , today so I'm uploading the pages she has done so far.It's a sweet little book , about 6x6.She's going to do four pages each year (we have to go back and do the last five years still!)the remaining two for this year will be a list of her pressies and another photo.

Today was also farewell Bob day...yep, I took the Bob the Builder toys out of Holly's room, dusted them and packed them away to go in the loft.But not before I'd taken a photo of them all first!! I do intend to use it at some point when I do a LO on Holly's favourite toys, past and present!

The weather is still rotten here - I neeeed some sunshine!!Even just cold would do, but wind and rain are just miserable!

Em got the results of her dance exam today - so proud of her as she got 'honours '!! Mind you, she practised non stop in preperation for it!

Yikes, I seem to have rambled on a bit tonight so I'm off for now!

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domestic goddess said...

congratulations Em, what an achievement and I am loving your 1st page:)
Cannot wait to see you playing card prompts, please post piccies for us