Friday, January 05, 2007

Yummy food and tempting shopping

Had a great day today!

After the kids had gone to school(Em very reluctantly I might add, I think she was hoping for a day off to match Holly's yesterday!) I popped in to the corner shop to pick up pain au chocolat and my staple requirement for the day, Diet Coke.Anna arrived about 10.30 and we devoured said pastries whilst gossiping and putting the world to rights! Er, yeah sure.....So, that done we ventured off into town as Anna needed some passport photos doing.Pah, you can no longer get a strip of four different silly photos done, you can only choose one photo and have four pics all the same! We spent far too much money on the pics, Anna smiled in the first set - we didn't realise that 'open mouthed smiles' were not allowed for passport pics so instead she had to pose with a face like a convict!!.And then we went into the most fab shop...where we sighed, dreamt of being rich and bought a few treats! See my pic for my goodies.Anna bought me the rather delish looking chocolate scented candle whilst I splashed out on two rather gorgeous tree baubles (not in pic) and some Charlie & Lola wrapping paper.I'm planning to do a layout using some of it to reflect Holly's current obsession with them!Shopping done , we headed off to the Crooked Chimney pub for lunch.It is such a cosy place with open fires and really low ceilings.Our meal was finished off with the scrumptious desert of chocolate brownie and ice cream - heaven!

We then came back home and fiddled with my blog a little so now I have my Pencil Lines logo up and my list of blogs I read has increased somewhat! Thanks Anna! Oh, and I've switched to Beta Blogger...and to be honest....I can't tell the difference!

Right, I am off to bed.Hopefully, I may scrap tomorrow - the kitchen table is completely clear (very rare occurence) and I'm so tempted to cover it in stash and get creative!


domestic goddess said...

had a wonderful day hun, i am sio full from scrummy desert that i have eaten anything else all day!!!

jake said...

Cooo... nice looking cake there missy!

Love to see your little scrappers so intent on their work :-)
jk x3