Monday, August 30, 2010

Catch up part 2!

So to carry on where I left off on Friday (I know my last post says Weds ,but that's when I first started writing it and saved it as a draft!)
On Friday,we finally managed to catch up Ann & the girls - better late than never! Check out the photos on Anna's blog,I love them :)I kept out of the way while Anna was taking them as sometimes when we are boith taking photos ,neither of us end up with any of them looking in the sme direction! I was also having a play with Anna's camera as I am hoping for a new one for my birthday...I need more practice though! We had taken a trip to the Dr's about Em's knee in the morning, and it didn't look too good so she wasn't feeling full of beans :( So although we were treated to a show by the others, it was definitely missing something!

On Saturday we finally got to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.If I'm honest, I didn't like it as much as the first two,I still managed to cry though !Loved the trailers we saw too and am really looking forward to the new Disney film 'Tangled' :)
Saturday evening saw Holly have a friend over for a sleepover and Em go to my Mum & Dad's for a sleepover.She was going to stay in Holly's room (Holly has to 'borrow' hers for sleepovers as hers is too small!)but climbimg up the ladder to the bed was a no no ,with her knee! Anyway, Holly & her friend eventually fell asleep about 12.30am, after Holly lost her third tooth this week!
And after saying I wasn't in the mood to do any scrapping, I now have a pile of five (yes,5!) waiting to go in my album :) Three are 'brand new' whilst two are ones that I had done at crops but were waiting for dates or that 'special' something ,to make them complete.Two of then I won't share though as they have Holly's friends in.
The pumpkin one is one that was waiting to be finished, thought I'd better get a move on as we're rapidly approaching pumpkin season again! And the bottom Lo is a new one, though I made a mistake on it and put the date as April when it should be August...doh!

Right, that si me all caught up for now.Tomorrow we are back at the Dr's with Em, depending on how we get on there kind of decides what we're doing the rest of the week....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh dear...

I don't think I'll be winning any awards for regular blogger of the year somehow ! I've had a bit of a 'switch off' recently...I haven't felt like blogging and seem pretty incapable of scrapping :( I've spent a couple of evenings pushing bits of paper & photos round a page, but nothing and has worked and I've given up in the end.Shame as I have tons of Disney stuff I want to start using.Maybe once the holidays are over I'll be back in more of a routine...

So a quick round up of what we've been doing the last couple of weeks....

The guinea pigs ended up staying a bit longer than originally planned for various reasons.It's lucky I didn't lose them all though ,as when I went to clean their hutch out one morning ,I discovered the bottom of the hutch was hanging off by about 2 inches!

Last week we did the dreaded school shoe shop,which should have been followed by a trip to see Toy Story 3.Except the cinema was closed due to an electrical problem :( But we got passes to another showing, upgraded to 3D.We just need to find time to go back!I actually went for a night out last week,for a lovely meal with some mum's from school :) And the folllowing day we took all the kids out to Fairlands Valley park in Stevenage.It was a lovely relaxed day and everyone had a good catch up :)

Last Sunday the girls and I went over to see Pitstone Windmill with my Dad.It's somewhere we used to go as kids so took me back a bit :) Realising that it was 20 yrs since I'd last been there made me feel a bit old though!

On Tuesday we went for our annual trip to Whipsnade Zoo.The day didn't go quite according to plan though :( Em fell over and ripped her knee open, requiring a trip to A&E and stitches :( We did see the little baby cheetahs before we came though :) (They are 4 weeks old!)

Anyway, as this has turned into a huge post, I'll carry on tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It will be...

...big! My Florida album,that is :) I went into John Lewis the other day and found the perfect book to use for the 'diary style' album I want to do of what we did each day :) With 80 pages, it's big enough to do a double page of each day,and as it's 12" by 16 1/2 ", large enough to get a few photos on each page :)I'm not going to make it lumpy & bumpy, it will just have maps,photos and journalling in it :) The front cover is as far as I've got ,but I still need to add something else to it, I'm not sure what though.

The guinea pigs seem happy so far and are getting lots of cuddles (weather permitting!)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pencil Lines :)

This week I joined in at Pencil Lines :) I loved this sketch as soon as I opened the email from Anna :) (I still get the sketches sent to me for each week :) ) The photo I was used was my original choice,but then I tried to do a Florida layout.After faffing for a while I gave up and went back to my original choice of photo!

I used mix from October Afternoon papers from the Cherry Hill, Thrift Shop and Fly a Kite ranges, love how they all match so well :)I also used ribbon roses from Sarahs Cards,Doodlebug Loopy Lou stickers and AC glitter Thickers. I always find Kraft Bazzill difficult to photofraph, it tands to come out looking 'dirty'! The layout does look better if you click on the photo to enlarge it :)

On Friday Geoff was home so we went to Dunstable Downs for a bit of kite flying.Typically, the kids cheapy £3 kites performed far better than the huge stunt kite that Geoff had!

Holly doing a bit of lazy kite-ing! Yesterday morning the girls went to see Shrek 4 at the cheapy cinema in town ,whilst I went for a wander round the shops. I went into the British Herat Foudation shop and bought myself a bargain book to read whilst waiting for the girls :) I've done this a lot recently and have a huge pile of books under the bed at the moment,waiting for me to read them!

And Friday night we had some visitors arrive who will be staying with us for the next 10 days :) But I'll share photos of then tomorrow otherwise this post will be over loaded!

Monday, August 02, 2010

This weekend was a good one :)
Saturday was spent food shopping and mooching about the house (well us girls spent the afternoon bathing,nail painting & hair washing!) before heading over to Anna's for their annual barbecue :) The girls met Suki and loved her ,no photos though as she moves too fast! My camera had a very lucky escape,when I managed to embarrass myself by tripping and falling flat on my face,dropping it very hard.Luckily it survived and I love this photo of Holly's new hair band :)

The yesterday afternoon, we went to Hitchin Lavender,lavender fields and sunflowers together :) Although I kept hoping the sun would come out, I think my photos were probably better with it being fairly dull (note, my camera is qite old and I haven't photoshopped or 'popped' any of these!) I took loads of photos so I won't bore you with too many :)

The whole place smells gorgeous and you can hear the humming of the bees in the lavender :) We came home with three big bags full and five huge sunflowers :)