Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little dinky...

...cupcake charms! Yep, these were the other cuties I got in the post the other day!As Anna got hers (via Peter!) yesterday I can now share a pic!
So...the sofa from heaven is here...okay, it came from Southoe in a van really but who cares !It's here and I love it!Holly and I have had lots of snuggles on it already and even Em was impresssed that there is room for all three of us on it together! So huge big thanks to Anna and Peter! The room is still a bit crowded as the other sofa doesn't get picked up til tomorrow.There's not really anything wrong with it so it's being collected by a community voluntary service and redistrubuted to someone who needs it :)
Emily's prompt this week is 'I am...' so hopefully I will get my card done tomorrow.I also need to start my Pencil Lines LO's for the next two weeks...we have two huge scrappers on board for the next two weeks and I am too scared to do my usual 'leave it til the last moment' attempt!
We had the teeniest sprinkling of snow last night...bring on the real thing!We are close to a park with a huge mound, perfect for sledging..though it seems to have shrunk somewhat since my Dad used to take us when we were kids (isn't that the way with most things you remember from being kid?!)Heck, I just want to take some pics of the girls in the snow!!
Don't forget to send your layouts to Pencil Lines to be featured in the readers gallery which goes live tomorrow!


domestic goddess said...

oo have to pinch that perfect cupcake photo :)
we have SNOW!!!!!

Sue said...

LOl We have had snow today but it is gone now. Can't wait to see you ACT ..got to do mine ( it is done in my head!!)
LOVE the cupcake :)

laura said...

Pleas tell me where to get that lovely cupcake charm! I have to have one !!