Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emotional rollercoaster...

of a day..and I don't really know why! Well, I sort of know...but I don't ! I 've tried to write my blog at various times today during various mood swings....and now I'm feeling much calmer I can't really rememebr any of the other stuff that I was going to write...so maybe it's best that I'm writing/blogging this late in the day!Let's just say that lots of tears have been shed...which I guess was better than keeping them in and spending the rest of the day with that 'just about to break down' feeling!Part of the problem is that I am angry at lots of stuff...but mainly myself for lots of reasons...and like a wuss , when I get angry I cry! maybe I need to learn how to go out and kick something instead?!
Today I ventured into Holly's room to try and tidy up a bit (maybe that's what triggered the tears?!) I have now replaced all the beads and Hama beads to their rightful homes and I may even be able to whizz the hoover over the floor tomorrow.In all honesty, her room is tiny ...but I don't know how she's acquired so many 'bits'...maybe she just takes after her mother?!
I've now made a date to meet Caz to hand over the Cj I have here, which gives me a deadline to work towards and started planning it alst night.This evening I've been eyeing up papers to use for this weeks Pencil Lines sketch..it's another biggie - I'm scared!! Also need to do my card for Emily's challenge but then, I'm always late in the week with that!
Anna, if you read this...get your husband to update your blog! Oh, and I miss you!!
I leave you with pics...oh hang on I've got to do my tag thing!

Hmm...well as has already been said, one person's weird is another persons normal but here goes...

1. Both my elbows are double jointed so when I put my hands down flat my elbows twist outwards.
2. I hate having dirty floors...there can be mess but not actual 'dirt'. And woe betide anyone who wears muddy shoes on the carpet in the living room!
3.I always put music on when I'm hoovering, I don't like it being quiet when I turn the hoover off...
4. I have a can of Diet Coke at about 7.40am every morning...I don't drink tea or coffe but I need caffeine!
5.I always wear nail varnish on my toes
6.Apparently I scrape my toes on the sheets when I'm asleep...but that's just what I've been told!!

I have no idea who to tag though who hasn't already done this....okay... Tracey, Beth,Jakey,Annette,Sue and Caz !! S'pose I'd better go and tell you you've been tagged!
Photos today are of the girls on Sunday before the puddle accident! Offending puddle can be seen in the photo of Em! (A long way off though!)


jakey said...

Consider me tagged!

Perhaps I ought to really be tagged ... hmmm... might keep me out of trouble for a bit! ;-)


ps. so sorry about the tears.. ((hug}} hope you have a smiley day tomorrow!

Beth said...

Aww Sueeee, hope you feel more chipper soon. Thinking of you. Go out and find something or someone to punch, you'll feel loads better then, well, maybe not though, lol. Take care, oh and lovely pics too. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

Oh hunny Big hugs babes... Please don't bottle things up, wish I wasn't dashing off tomorrow or we could have a natter

Take care


Ali and Levi xx

Sue Jones said...

must be something in the air..had a day like that too yesterday :(
Hope things don't feel so bad today hun .
Will have a think about my answers :)

domestic goddess said...

oh hunny this ahs made me really sad to read this, please email me tonight, and i will pick up tomorrow and replie
big hugs OK
anna xoxoxox