Thursday, January 11, 2007

So here's my first one....

...yep, I made myself start my 'Deck of Me' journal today or I knew I'd just put it off.Loved decorating it...but I didn't find the journalling bit easy! Yes, I know, there's not exactly a lot of writing on there, I just don't find it easy to do 'me'! Anyway I chose 'I am proud ...that I am changing' to reflect the changes I am trying to make, in the way that I live (ie getting organised and 'doing' more) and the obvious weight !!
I'm also going to use the back of the cards to record my weight loss/gain (!!) through out the year.I'm hoping that writing it down each week will give me something to be proud of in the future...or motivate me if it all goes horribly wrong! I used MM flourishes stamp, Prima flower and a Stamps Away journalling stamp. Actually, looking at it now...I have to do something with those edges..I'm off to get my ink pad out again!

Not done much else today except stay indoors in the warm! It's blowing a gale and raining intermittently so I'm not leaving the house unless I have to!

Nothing from the postie today but hopefully my parcel from Papermaze will arrive tomorrow :) Yep, I am on a stash budget but I have only been spending my Christmas money! Honest...!


domestic goddess said...

oh i love teh idea of a weight journal with your cards, i may do this
anna x

domestic goddess said...

btw hun i am joing you love your idea and i have pinched your image for my blog, just so you knwo

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna join in too - looks fun

Anonymous said...

Your card is awesome! And I love the idea of adding personal notes to the back, away from blogging eyes! :-) Also, I adore the tin you have for your cards!!!

Emily Falconbridge said...

so cool that this can double as motivation/record for your goals! the tin is a cool idea too - its going to look great! so glad you are joining in!
e xx