Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bargain hunt...

I love going shopping,especially when I come home with a little haul of bargains! I headed off to Stevenage this afternoon in search of something to wear for a wedding this weekend...nothing more depressing than clothes shopping when you can't find anything you like :( But despite drawing a blank for me, I picked up some fab bits for the girls.The coolest of all has to be a black hat for Holly with pink glittery skulls on, complete with matching black and pink stripey scarf,for a tiny £1.25 ! I will take a photo tomorrow :) I also got both girls really nice baker boy style hats in pale pink for £1.75,top & leggings for Holly for £2.85,cardigan for Em for £4 and a Holly's fave pink jumper in the next size up for half price too :)Got to love Tesco's kids clothes!

I seem to be all behind and out of synch with everything at the moment,lots of tidying to be done,rooms to be sorted ,a heap of ironing ...and then I have scrappy stuff on my mind too :) Looking forward to the retreat in April and also trying to get prepared too! I doubt I will get much scrapping done somehow!
My Pencil Lines layout is done for this week, though I am toying with the idea of chucking something else on it! Why can I never just leave them alone?! It just needs a little bit of jouranlling added but I'm tempted to add more!
I'll leave you with the layout I did at the retreat on Sunday :) The paper is by Making Memories,Lace cardstock by KI Memories and the brown flowers are hand cut and doodled on .This will be going up on the wall in a box frame hence no title :)Photo very kindly taken by Anna last April...probably the last time we had a decent family photo taken (apart from the one she took in October!!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cropping,packing and wii-ing

...and not a chocolate brownie in sight...*sulk* !!

The cold is finally on it's way out -amen!!- and my eye has cleared up a lot though still looks pretty yuk!

Yesterday afternoon I went over to the Great Ashby crop with Anna as she was teaching a class there.I also managed to do a little bit of shopping while we were there ;)

We then headed back to Anna's as we were supposed to spend the evening pricing up all her odd bits of shop stock.In reality we sat and went through all her DT stash, sorted it, listed it and put it all away again! I was treated to a fab tea of spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread - yum! I was also entertained by Lily wiggling her bum and Izzy giving us all a lesson about World War 2!! After falling into bed at some late hour I was awake bright and early this morning.Anna came downstairs to find me playing tennis on the Wii with Izzy,still in our pyjamas!
Then we went off to the Buckden crop where I got my traditional one layout done :) The rest of the time was spent munching biscuits, chatting,packing up next months kit and pricing up all the stock.
Two layouts to share today :) The first is one I did for the Scrapping Angels monthly kit,using Scenic Route papers.I have loads left so I have a couple of other things planned to make with it .I also used KI Memories stamps,MM stamps and Scenic Route stickers. The flowers made using the hearts cut out and curled and then mounted on 3D foam pads.

Second layout is this weeks Pencil Lines layout.

I used
Heidi Swapp block alphas
Basic Grey Blush & Lucky papers
Creative Cafe velvet trim
Various buttons
Heidi Swapp ghost heart
Doodlebug rub ons
Don't forget to go and see the other DT's layouts and the sketch :)
Am off to bed to prepare for another week of school and tidying the house!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I didn't realise it was that long since I'd blogged..but I do have an excuse,I am struck down by the lurgy.My nose and head have been totally bunged up for two days now:( I think I got about two hours sleep last night...and although I am shattered here I am wide awake at almost 1am .I think this is mainly due to nthe fact that as well as the cold I have now have the dreaded conjunctivitis...great :( So tomorrow I will keeping my distance from everyone and making a Dr's appt for the morning .Depending on how quickly it clears up I'm guessing this could also mess up my weekend plans of cropping and staying over at Anna's - pooh :(

Today I have literally done just what had to be done and then flopped on the sofa with a bar of Galaxy hazelnut (just a small one!) and a girly chick flick for company.I love this film, more each time I watch it :)
I am off to see if I can cram in a few hours sleep....

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Momiji :)

Forgot to say that I got a new Momiji doll from Geoff for Valentine's she is! And if you see them going for a bomb on ebay,don't be tempted...go to your local John Lewis instead,they sell them there :) I cannot believe that a Momiji Snowglobe has just sold for ,wait for it...£65 on ebay!! I'm keeping hold of mine!

Good news on the Pc front :) Peter dropped off Anna's spare one today and Geoff has managed to put our hard drive in it and everything is still there .Everything has now been transferred safely over to the external hard drive.I just need to spend tomorrow checking my old emails for anything I might need and getting stuff like my MSN ID written down! I might also put a load of photos on a disc so that I can get some printed for scrapping as I'm cropping this weekend and if I don't go organised I will get nothing done!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still kaput...

Still without the main PC...which has it good and bad points! Good that I'm not spending anywhere near as much time as usual on the PC ,bad in that I can't get to most of my photos,my fave sites (unless I can remember them or find someone else with a link!) or anybody's email addresses! The photo thing is my biggest downer though! Am going to try add some to this post though that I've taken this week :)*added photo of the girls with their tree warden badges from Tuesday :)

So, half term is done and dusted and it's been a pretty good one :) The weather has been gorgeously sunny for the most part, if not a little chilly the last few days! On Friday Anna,Izzy and Lilly came over.Being full of cold Anna was not in the mood to venture outside for our usual trip to the lakes so the girls made do with bouncing about on the trampoline whilst we stayed inside in the warm!
Yesterday morning Em and I went to see Stardust as well as popping into the library to collect a book she had ordered.
This morning the girls and I went for a walk down to the lakes as Geoff was working.I tried to perfect the art of taking a photo of us all holding the camera at arms the end a very nice passer by offered to take one of us together :) She must have heard the peals of laughter at my attempts! We had a quick go in the playground and a traditional game of Pooh Sticks at the bridge before returning home to warm up.
Although it was cold today, I managed to get all the washing dry and having emptied the ironing basket, I promptly filled it again! Did manage to get it empty again though whilst the girls amused themselves in the garden :) I also finished off a layout that I started last night ,whilst watching them from the kitchen window.So all in all a pretty productive day :)

Our guest DT over at Pencil Lines this week is Sarah Youde ,and we were sponsored with kits by Scrapmuse.I am just using photos that I have already printed off at the moment,and this layout uses photos that are nearly two years old :)Everything I used is from the kits, except for the American Crafts foam thickers.

And here's a little sneak of what I've done with this months Scrapping Angels kit

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sun filled two days :)

So I'm guessing summer has come early again this year?!
Yetsreday our road had a street party to celebrate the planting of new trees.The sun shone,the kids had a fab day playing out and they helped plant the trees too :)The road was closed off to traffic and taken over by kids on scooters, a game of volleyball, name it, it was out there! Holly did her own take on grafiti...writing 'I love Mummy,I love Daddy, I love Emma' on the pavement...finished off with 'I love everyone' wriiten on our doorstep!!I have loads of photos but can't upload them whilst on the laptop :(
Today the girls and I went to Whipsnade Zoo with my Mum & Dad.Yet more sunshine and by the end of the day a very sleepy Holly! I love going there, it has so many memories from when I was a child and went there with my Mum & Dad and sister (back in the days when we wore identical outfits!)Lots more photos taken...I am going to bore you rigid once we are back to 'PC normal' !!
Tomorrow will be spent tidying,ironing and cleaning in preperation for a visit from the Bowkis clan on Friday :) I am predicting a fair bit of dancing, laughter ,High School Musical and Hairspray will prevail amongst the kids!! And if Anna remembers her memory'll be a miracle!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kaput.... what the PC has gone...:( Don't think we will lose everything from it,apparently the mother board has gone and can be put into another PC.I hold my hands up and admit to not having a clue how these things work so I just trust what Geoff says!
So I am typing this from the laptop...which I hate! I'm also not happy because I did a layout for Anna using the Feb Scrapping Angels kit last night...and I can't send it to her - grrrr!And of course I can't remember anyone's email addresses either...doh!
So if I am quiet for the next few days, you know why! I did get lots of cleaning and tidying though today instead of surfing...who knows my house could be spotless by the time we get another PC sorted....anyone seen a pig flying over recently?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Glorious Sunshine

The weather here has been beautiful today :) This morning I popped into town to stock up on vapour rub, cough medicine and Nurofen for Em.She is bunged up with a sore throat and very little voice poor girl.I also had a wander round John Lewis and fell in love with most of their Easter decorations! I think I may pop back soon and buy the girls the felt egg baskets and a few other bits :)
After lunch Holly and I went for a walk down to the lakes whilst Em had a long soak to bath to perk herself up a bit (don't worry,Geoff was here,I didn't abandon her!).It was so warm, though not quite warm enough for shorts and a bikini top like one person we saw!Is it my imagination or do some people go a little bit mad at the first sign of sunshine ?!Anyway, the camera came too and Holly was happy to pose,smile and jump!It was just nice to be out in the fresh air!

It's Sunday so that means a new sketch is live over at Pencil Lines.
After a change of plan (no change there!)I used
Autumn Leaves French Twist papers
Ki Memories gel stickers
Doodlebug sugar coated heart
Heidi Swapp ghost butterfly & bling
MM stamps
Creative Cafe felt trim
Doodlebug Simply Sweet letter stickers
MM Noteworthy Journalling pad

We also have a little competition running until the end of February.If you fancy joining us as a Guest Designer one week, check out the details here

The girls are on half term hols now so tomorrow they are off to my mum & dad's for the morning.I'm hoping I'll have time to get my Monday house clean done before they come home! Fingers crossed that the good weather holds for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One I prepared earlier...

It's been a lovely sunny day here for the most part, there were no 'urgent' jobs to be done around the I got my stash out ,spread it all over the floor and eventually made this layout.Now if your thinking it looks a bit're probably right!The good thing about having a scrapping friend is that you get to share Anna has half of my brown Queen & Co felt and I have half of her Maya Road felt birdies!So excuse us if you see the same stash appearing on our layouts!
I know I said I would do my tags ,but it will have to wait again as I've spent too long gabbing on MSN and I need to go to bed!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet Bubbles..

...this is Bubbles , my new paper puppy as made by Holly yesterday! Bless her ,she spent ages yesterday sticking and gluing and made us all our very own paper dog!Her imagination and some of the things she comes up with never fail to amaze me...or make me smile!
Here is my Pencil Lines layout for this week...which I did like until I saw everyone else's stunners! Oh well!

I used
Scenic Route background paper
Heidi Swapp bling
Love Elsie ribbon
Creative Cafe scalloped velvet ribbon
Bazzill spotty brad
American Crafts Daquiri Thickers
Scenic Route papers

I have a couple of tags to do thanks to Sandie, Lyzzy and Beth so I will try and get them done tomorrow as I have a thumping head at the mo (See Anna, I am trying to cut down on my Diet Coke and look what happens,my head hurts!;) )
Half term is fast approaching and hopefully I have enough planned to keep the girls occupied! So far we have planned a visit from Anna and her girls,a trip to the zoo (weather permitting),a street party to celebrate new trees being planted plus a couple of mornings at Nan & Grandads - phew!
Right, I am off to rest my head!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Still here!

Haven't been snowed in or blown away...I just kind of forgot to blog! Not that much interesting has been going on anyway!

Yesterday was one of those days the mums at school dread...dressing up ,this time for National Reading Day.The kids were given guidelines that they should dress as characters from traditional fairy tales ,nursey rhymes,myths & legends or stories passsed down by generations...hmm, since when Spiderman became any those I really don't know ,but there were plenty there! Em's was a last minute choice after I deemed most her of her ideas as pretty unsuitable for the weather at this time of year! She settled on the witch from Sleeping Beauty...and dressed in black! Holly was slightly easier after a friend lent her a red cape and she went as Little Red Riding Hood,complete with basket of plastic cakes. Apparently they have to dress up again in about a month for World Book Day...I guess I'd better start thinking up ideas now :) Holly likes the idea of I'll be on the look out for Lola style pinafores!

Today we went for walk over to the library followed by a visit to Costa Coffee for hot chocolate :) The weather has been lovely, bright and crisp but with no sign of snow...:( Whilst the girls ate lunch I finished off my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow .I wasn't sure about it when I started it last night but it's grown on me now it's finished :) I'll leave you with a little peak (mainly because I have nothing else to show you!)