Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just blogging along....

..doing nothing in particular today! No new photos to share so here's an old one of a canvas I did of Em last year. It's one of pair which hang in our hallway.

The weather has been beautiful here today as well as mild.Holly even walked home from school without her coat on!

I have just been doing the usual bits around the house, yep the dreaded housework!

I haven't done my card for Emily's challenge yet, but I've taken the photo to use on it and I will get it done tomorrow :) I deliberately haven't looked at anyone else's yet so that I don't feel like I' ve been influenced by anyone else! No doubt I will spend a couple of hours checking out all the links once I'm done and uploaded!

Holly was fine today and I managed to have a word with her teacher too.Not sure how much notice she took but there you go....

Tomorrow morning Em has her year assembly which I will be going to.They have to dress up as their she is going as Geoff ! How sweet is that?!

Right, I am off for now.I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with a more exciting post!

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Ronda P. said...

That is such a cool idea! I might have to try this! Love the layout of the canvas!