Friday, November 30, 2007

Just a quick one...

..before I fall asleep!

My little 'baby' turned seven today...I remember her arrival very clearly and have no idea how time has flown by so fast! She has had a good day,despite a slight disaster with her birthday cake (which she didn't see as a disaster at all!) Lots of High School Musical and Hannah Montana themed pressies as well as pens,books and a new coat, she is a happy bunny!Tomorrow afternoon we will be descended on by five of her friends which means that right now I really should be wrapping up the pass the parcel! Guess I will just be doing it last minute as per usual!

I'll leave you with a sneak of my Pencil Lines layout for Sunday :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

McDonalds and Munchkins....

..yes, I know, a weird title but I couldn't think of anything else ! It is relevant though!
Today I met Caz for lunch (I know, don't see her for months and then twice in one week! ;) ).We settled for a McDonalds, the first I have had for absolutely ages !I have to say, the after thought of having a milkshake made it even more worthwhile!!
Onto the subject of munchkins, I have now finished Holly's costume for her part in the Wizard of apron and hat decorated with big felt flowers (courtesy of Louise - I knew I'd find extra uses for them!)to be worn over a dressing up dress.Em has now been told she needs to supply her own pink jacket as part of her Pink Ladies costume (they are doing Grease)...back to the drawing board!

Feels like I have 101 things to do before the weekend so I need to get organised tomorrow !
The advent tree is well on it's way to be being finished.I practically copied Jen Hall's totally! I need to wait for some ribbon to add to it and finish stamping all the numbers on the boxes.

This evening I've been to a friends Avon party and have come home armed with lots of yummy smellies!

Photo is of me ,Caz and Lyzzy after the crop last week.Note to self...must work on that double chin!!

I am off to catch up on some much needed sleep!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Searching for the impossible?!

No, not a Nintendo Wii...but something far more accessible -well I thought it would be anyway...Holly is usually pretty restrained with her Christmas & birthday list and this year has asked for Tigger pyjamas. Easy!! Not!! Can I find Tigger pyjamas for a 7 year old girl anywhere? Nope.... Pooh and Eyore yes,but none with just Tigger on.So please,if anyone knows where I can find a pair of girls Tigger PJ's , in an age 8-9 please point me in the right direction!
It has been so cold at times this weekend that I have started to feel really Christmassy!Yesterday I had Christmas music on whilst I did the ironing and then settled down to watch Love Actually in the evening :)
Whilst doing a very late night blog hop the other night I saw this little beauty on Jen Hall's blog. Having already seen the tree itself in Tesco's the week before ,I decided that I have to do one too.So in a very early AM shop I ordered the Love Elsie Noel papers(look away Lyzzy!) from Papermaze,and yesterday I picked up the tree in Tesco.I spent yesterday afternoon covering it and just need to add the numbers now.
On Friday Lyzzy very kindly paid for me to go cropping ...I was in shock at her picking me up on time and forgot my bag! Caz came too and we had a fab time.Even though I had to bag a photo from Lyzzy to scrap as I hadn't printed any off!I will be better prepared next time, honest!I just need to add the title then I can share the layout I got done:)

And finally, being Sunday means it's a new sketch for Pencil Lines.This week we were sponsored by Bad Girls kits.Now I'm not going to pretend I found this one easy, at one point I nearly gave the kit back to Anna...but I love the layout I eventually did with it.It was one of those 'complete accident' layouts...I'd printed the photo off to scrap with some other papers but happened to put it down on top the Hambly transparency...and hey presto! Everything on the layout is from the kit :)Go check out everyone else's fab layouts here !
A busy week this week! Tomorrow I have to take Em to the Orthodontist for a check up on her braces, I need to sort out a costume for a munchkin and a Pink Lady for the school show,we have Holly's birthday on Friday and her party on Saturday - phew!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Busy doing....

...not very much!! Hmm, I seem to be doing a lot of time wasting at the moment, just browsing the net or searching through my photos.Not tomorrow though.The girls are out at friends straight from school which gives me a huge chunk of 'empty house' time,so I'm going to tackle the kitchen.Every cupboard needs sorting through and chucking out of the stuff we never use needs to be done.I think I'll get it done if I stick a dvd on out there or the stereo on full blast!
Have got a couple more layouts done this week (thud), one of them being my Pencil Lines for this week.I've used a photo of Em that has to be one of my faves (shame I didn't take it myself!).As per usual, here's a little sneak!
Tomorrow evening I'm off cropping with the oh-so-lovely Lyzzy.Bag still needs to be packed and I have no idea what I will be doing! I'm hoping Caz will be joining us to as I have 'stuff' to hand over and I haven't seen her in ages!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Keeping it simple...sort of!

And here is the layout I did last night :) At least I used up some paper on this one as opposed to the Perfect Pumpkin one where I only used a tiny scrap of Scenic Route!I really need to make a start on the calendars soon...the thought of having to do either 36 or 48 mini layouts is starting to scare me slightly!
Huge excitement for Holly today,she has been offered the chance to do a three week Karate class at school! Not surprisingly she said yes!
The weather here has been miserable,so wet and dark!I made the stupid mistake of going out in my Crocs and forgetting my umbrella this morning (it wasn't raining when we left for school!),as you can imagine I got totally soaked in a downpour on my way home!
Hmmm, not much else to share's not often I update three days in a row!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yep, that's right...we have had snow here this evening!! It did settle for a bit but has now been washed away again by the rain.

Just popping on quickly to share my Pencil Lines layout for this week:) I love this layout, IRL it is very touchy feely as the ric rac is velvet and the sizzix swirl is cut from glittery felt.

I used Scenic Route Salem papers (how did you guess Sandie?!)

Velvet ric rac from Ribbon Oasis

Stamps Away owl stamp

Angel Kiss blooms

Title cut from Sizzlits Twang font (thanks kerry!)

Bazzill spotty brad

I've also done two layouts since yesterday too - some kind of miracle in this house!Here's the first and I will share the other one tomorrow :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Time for a change...?!

I was trying to put away some of my scrapping papers the other day...and came to the conclusion that I really need to start using more! Admittedly I don't buy as much as I used to but I still have a lot to get through.So I think I may just start doing some more simple layouts,just for me.Anna and I were talking the other day and were trying to work out why we wait for that 'perfect' photo to scrap instead of just using one of the hundreds we already have!So I 've decided it's time to use up some paper and scrap older photos,wish me luck!

Christmas shopping is now just about all done,just the basics like cards and wrapping paper to sort out.Oh, except for Geoff who will be getting nothing if he doesn't give me some more ideas!

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us, just catching up on stuff around the house :)

I'll leave you with a peek at my layout for Pencil Lines this week :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Is what I think my stomach may well do after tonight! Just got back from a meal at Frankie & Benny's where I had the full works (starter, main & pud plus wine!)...I am off to sleep it off!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One of those weekends....

..when we don't seem to have stopped!

Yesterday was the school Christmas craft fair where Em had to do a waitressing stint for half an hour, before that we had the food shopping to do too.After Em had finished we took a quick walk round the fair before going to my Mum's for lunch as it was her birthday.

Then today I have spent the day helping out at the Scrapping Angels Christmas workshop:) It was lovely to see Annie again who I haven't seen since the retreat in April as well as some new faces and familiar ones! I'd love to say I created several master pieces but today, my creations were in the form of tea & coffee! Louise though scrapped like a woman on a mission...I want to be her one day! Anyway, I had a fab day so a huge thank you to Anna for entrusting me with her shop and leaving me in charge of the food!

On Friday, Em had Evacuee day at school :) My Mum knitted her a cardigan, I covered her lunchbag in brown paper to resemble a case and made her her a gas mask box too.She also had to have a ration style packed lunch.Not sure how well we fared with that as I think she probably had the family's weekly ration of meat in her sandwich!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nowt going on... tell you about really,but I thought I'd better update!

Caught up with Lyzzy today as Beth was playing netball at the school round the corner from us which was nice :) Congrats to Beth whose team won, she scored 3 goals in the first match while I was there!

Scrapping wise, I have been making a canvas this evening for MIL's birthday pressie.Just need to add the photo and Mod Podge it all tomorrow so that it can be posted off (I hope it survives!!)Also have a couple of CJ's to catch up on before the weekend. Oh, and I really need to start on the four paperchase 2008 and calendars thaqt i need to do for Christmas pressies! On Sunday I am off to help at Anna's Scrapping Angels Christmas workshop :), looking forward to catching up with Louise & Kerry and meeting some new faces :)

On Friday we will be off to get the final bits of Christmas shopping,I can't believe we're so organised this year! Here's hoping everything we've bought doesn't get marked down two weeks before Christmas ,which will really annoy me!

Um, and really that is about it...interesting huh?!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two old hags....!!

Just thought I'd get that comment in before someone else does!
So yes, I am still here! Have spent this week (well, last week now) running around all over the place and my blogging has been neglected.
So what's been happening...on Wednesday we went out trick or treating...don't panic, just to people who we knew ! It was a really nice evening,there were three of us adults with 6 kids.There is a street near us where my friends sister lives so we went there...almost every house had a pumpkin outside! The girls buckets were full of sweets !(which will no doubt get forgotten and thrown away in six months time!)We have been over run with pumpkins this year as my dad grew some as well as our Willows farm ones. I did a witch for last Wednesday.As we were having a small Halloween party today, I did another one this afternoon (the others are now mouldy...really not a nice smell!)but still need to take a photo of it.
So this afternoon, Anna came over with Izzy and Lilly for a Halloween 'do'.Holly really wanted a Halloween party for her birthday...but being born at the end of November means it's a bit late!The compromise was to have a small party this weekend.As it was still early afternoon, I covered all the windows with bargain Halloween tissuie paper from Poundland .We had the doughnuts on a string game (Ann'a fave!), Mummies and find the sweets in the 'goo' (ie cold spaghetti and jelly!)All finished off with sparklers in the garden! After we waved our guests off , we popped over to our neighbours for fireworks in the garden (rather them than me!) and more sparklers :)

Pencil Lines is now live with a new sketch.We also have two fab new design team members join us this week.Their work is amazing - go check them out!

This week I used items for the November Scrapping Angels kit.
Papers by Scenic Route
Angel Kiss blooms
Bazzill rub-ons
Bazzill from kit
Scenic Route journalling label from kit
Right, I am off to recover!