Sunday, February 21, 2010

Me time :)

Yesterday afternoon with Holly out all day and Em amusing her self and talking music with Geoff, I made the most of some daylight scrapping time :) I very rarely scrap during the day,I always feel a bit guilty when there is other stuff needs doing like ironing and housework!So this is the result :)

I've been wanting to use these papers for ages so I'm glad I finally did.The Lo was inspired by this one a I saw while back by the amazingly talented Karola.(note ,I said 'inspired by', I'm well aware that it's not a patch on hers!)Though it wasn't til I went off in search of a link to it that I realised I'd used a similar title too!
I used Pink Paislee papers, Pink Paislee chipboard & stickers,Doodlebug alphas, AC puffy thickers and Kaisercraft pearls.
This morning we went to the cinema and it's really time I remembered to take tissues with me! We went to see Where The Wild Things Are and even Holly was crying at the end!
Tomorrow sees us back in the school routine with some miserable weather forecast too :( I have a bit of housework to catch up on before I carry on with the holiday planning :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I've got mine :)

Have you got yours yet? I'm talking about the Pencil Lines book :) You cannot imagine how happy I am that I was part of this :) The more I look through,it the more I love it :)

So, half term is almost over and I feel like I've hardly seen the kids properly:( I suppose it's to be expected as they're both growing up and spending more time with their friends but I've missed not doing much with them this week :( Tomorrow Em is off to the cinema in the morning with friends whilst Holly is out all day at Brownie meet up...see what I mean?!I think Sunday will be a day for doing nothing!
This afternoon Holly and I decided to go for a walk for some fesh air, and to give my camera a bit of trip out (though sods law that the girls flattened the batteries in it yesterday!)Once home ,Holly set about doing a bit scrapping :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Having promised myself I'd 'do' something last week,I spent the weekend making the final 2010 Paper Mill calendar I had to do .(Yes, I know it's now Feb but the original had September missing so I couldn't use it!)Which was a good thing as it got me rummaging through lots of paper again :),and made me feel like doing a layout.I used this photo as I had it already printed out and I'm almost out of ink (sods law!).I used the lovely Kaisercraft papers from Anna's January crop kit.I am very bad at not using my kits so she'll very proud of me!The cute wooden star is actually a cake decoration (it was on a little wooden stick!) and the letters are my new love Doodlebug stickers.I have got through loads of their Loopy Love stickers but these ones are fab too, plus you get lots on a sheet :) Doh, I've just realised that I forgot to add on a date tag somewhere so I'll have to do that later!
Half term has started off pretty drearily with rain, grey clouds and more snow yesterday...I feel like I'm in desperate need of of some fresh air and sunshine!
We are on guines pig patrol this week for our neighbours, though they are staying at their 'own home' and we are just going over to feed them :)Though with the dark evenings I'm thinking it may have been easier to have them here!Lesson learnt :)
Anna has now taken delivery of the Pencil Lines book -woohoo! I think very few people will appreciate the blood ,sweat and (lots) of tears that have gone into getting this book published ,and I am so proud of her for persevering and realising her dream :) Okay, gush fest over ! I'm sure I will have a photo to share of the girls holding the book soon as they can't wait to see it :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I did mean to blog sooner seems pretty un- interesting at the moment :( I have been getting into the whole holiday 'planning' thing (much to Anna's horror ;))and spending ages researching stuff,only to stay awake at night with so much whizzing round my head...cue one grumpy and tired me!
Scrapping is still non-existent, though I'm going make myself do something this weekend!Yeah right...;)
Last week I was lucky enough to get lots of flowers, all as thank you presents :) I have managed to keep the beautiful orchid alive so far, and how beautiful are those cream tulips? (which sadly have just about died now :( )

Earlier this week Holly has Australia Day at school.'Warm' costumes weren't exactly practical as it was freezing! Holly went doing a bbq,complete with plate of plastic food and tongs :) Not forgetting the huge koala bear she took too!

I am really looking forward to half term next week, no packed lunches to make :)!
And fingers crossed the Pencil Lines books will be with Anna very soon and I will have a copy in my hot little hands!
I will try and update again soon...but don't hold your breath!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Badly written blog!

Or just not written at all!!

And as I haven't written it for so long, I'm having trouble remembering what I've done!

I have lots whizzing round my head, mainly holiday planning :) This time last week I was filling in the passport forms,and today these arrived through the letterbox.

Now I would love to show you our photos ,but we look like a scary ASBO family so Idon't think I'll bother!

Our weekend was a busy one,Saturday morning we went to Thurrock to do a bit of shopping for 'warm weather' clothes! I know it may seem a bit early ,but we needed to go to a decent Primark and the Thurrock one is the nicest near here! Really pleased that I got us some bargain Crocs too, Mary Janes for Holly & Em and Caymans for me for a total of £29 :) That's one thing I can cross off my list then :)

Saturday afternoon Holly had a birthday party at the sports stadium doing fun rings, which is basically going down the ski slope on a huge inflatable ring! Then on Sunday afternoon we went to see the Bowkis family :) Em rocked out on Guitar Hero with Peter ,and I'm not quite sure what Holly and Izzy were up to!

Today has been back to the mundane, lots of hoovering,dusting and ironing...roll on next weekend! I have no crafty 'makes' to share,I'll need to scrap again soon before I forget how!