Monday, February 21, 2011

She's home :)

This evening we picked up a very tired and sore footed Em from the airport :) I had plans to take some photos around the airport whilst we were waiting for her to arrive, but it turned out they were ready to be picked up earlier than we had originally been told and I ended up dashing up to pick her up whilst Geoff waited at the pick up point (saving us £6 on the parking charge!) Sounds like she has had a great time but I think she'll be sleeping in tomorrow!

Yesterday afternoon I took Holly and one of her friends to see Mega Mind at the cheapy cinema.It was ok, but I wouldn't rush to see it again. Today we went out for a bit of food shopping and then treated Holly to lunch in McDonalds :) I was very good and had...nothing!But oh how I enjoyed my weight watchers bagel when I got home...!

Last night I got another Disney layout done :) I'm quite pleased with how my character LO's are turning out so far.I'm not using much of my Disney stash but I think I prefer them that way! I still have plans to make lots of smaller mini books too so it will all get used up somehow!
I used new Echo Park Springtime papers which I ordered from Bellaboo last week with a very nice 10% off :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's been a loooong day...

This morning Em went on her school trip to Madrid.We had to be at Luton Airport for 4.30 am so were up at 2.00am...! I am off to bed very shortly! On the way home we decided to go into Tesco's and get the food shop done...never again! The place was a complete tip with rubbish and spilt stuff everywhere ,the aisles were full of cages and we had to use the stupid self service tills which seem to hate us - lesson learnt! When we got home I did try going back to bed as it was still dark but although my eyes were happy to close my 'head' was still wide awake so I gave up after an hour! The weather has been pants all day so Holly and I had a pyjama day watching DVD's and playing Scrabble :) We had a phone call just after lunchtime from Em to say she had arrived safely :)
I am off to bed in the hope that I will sleep!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Lillan :)

My very cute Valentine Momiji :) I think she wins the award for being the cutest Momiji I own,even if Geoff does think she looks like Florence from the Magic Roundabout!
We had a pre-Valentines meal at home on Saturday night ,followed by...two games of Scrabble! Do you think it's our age?!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A weekend at the Movies!

We are lucky enough to have a theatre in town which doubles up as a cinema with cheap family films on at weekends and during school holidays.This weekend I took the girls and one of Holly's friends to see Ramona and Beezus.
I'd never heard of the books but the girls liked the look of the film when they saw the trailer for it.And I have to say that it was a really sweet film and I really enjoyed it :)

Then today we had a treat and went to the full price cinema to see Tangled in 3D :) Needless to say I absolutely loved it.I am a Disney girl at heart, I could watch them over and over in preference to a 'real' film ! The animation is just brilliant in Tangled ,I think they pulled out all the stops for the 5oth animated movie :) Oh and the girls enjoyed it too!

In other news,this week we had the info meeting for Em's school trip to Madrid next weekend.Should be fun ,they are just allowed hand luggage! Just need to get our small suitcase down and check the measurements ,get her Euros and we are all set :) Not looking forward to the early strat though.she has to be at the airport for 4.30am!

On Friday night Holly went for a sleepover at her friends after Brownies. There was much excitement & planning beforehand and I think she had a good time.She's certainly been a little tired and grumpy since!

The weather has been pretty rubbish ,and typical that I got locked out on the day it poured with rain! My poor camera isn't getting much use other than at least one photo a day! So when the sun shone yesterday afternoon I persuaded the girls outside as I'll need photos for calendars next year!

Love this one of Em :)

And then I found this one that Em took whilst I was trying to find something in my bag this morning while we were waiting for the cinema to open:)

And how could I forget, this week I also went for a very long overdue visit to The Waffle House for one of these - yum :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Another one for the Disney album :)

Last night I actually felt like scrapping (I tend to only get anything done at crops these days!) I finally got theis Mulan layout done.The photo has been in the bag with the papers for ages, I've sat and pushed it around a couple of times at crops so I was quite glad I finally got it done last night!Everything on it is My Little Shoe Box except the white Thickers and the butterflies & pearls :)Now it's done I feel like I can move on the enxt one!
For Christmas Holly got a cute book called Made By Me which has lots of hand sewing projects in it.While we were in Stevenage yesterday we went to the indoor market which has a great fabric/haberdashery stall.We got her a couple of pieces of fabric and this afternoon she made herself a sweet draw string bag :)
This week Holly has played in her second school netball match.They lost but are getting much better and braver at trying to get the ball!
Today we went for a walk into town and bought the girls a Subway for lunch, for the first time!It's been really windy here the last few days, so much so that my head and ears hurt when we got home today!The rest of the day was spent sewing, playing Scrabble and we even had a quick go on Wii Sports (very out of practice on that!)
I have ideas for a couple more layouts in my head at the moment, so who knows, I may be back sooner rather than later!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

And then it was February..!

Not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone,I keep meaning to blog but never quite made it!
But as Sunday was crop day at least I have some scrapping to share :)As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I'm doing a document 2011 album this year :) This fits in well with crop day as it's usually on the last Sunday of the month ,when the month is pretty much done :)These are the pages I have done for January so far.I haven't filled the 'pocket'page yet, i have lots more bits & pieces to go in it, plus some more photos which I ran out of room for in the divided pages.

I just need to fill in the top right section on the page below,about our new bedroom (well, new bed and wallpaper!) I really enjoyed doing these,and it was a good way of using up all the scraps of my October Afternoon papers! I just need to do my feature ' page :)

The girls often watch the American cake programmes on the Food channel and Holly decided last weekend that she wanted to make her own cake :) On Saturday she and Em made the sponges and I helped her make the shape of the cake.I left them to ice it with Geoff whilst I was out on Sunday, and this is what I came home to :)

Cute, eh? Not bad for a first attempt :)