Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January pages :)

I have finally got rounfd to finishing off my January pages :) I decided to go with a main layout as I really wanted to do a page about our Wicked trip :) I've also done a calender page but I'm not sure I'll share those as everything is on them, from parties (the girls, not me!) to dentist appoinments!

I've got lots of smaller page protecters if I want to add extra photos and want to vary it from month to month.Saying that though,I don't seem to have many Feb photos yet....other than lots of the snow!!

Last week we wnet to see Em's school show .which was great,she really enjoyed herself :) She was sad that it was over though after six months of preparing for it! When we left the house it was snowing lightly, by the time we came home three hours later we had two or three inches! Luckily it wasn't bad enough to close the schools on Friday though, as Holly had her last year assembly.

I have some gorgeous snow photos to put up here that I took late afternoon at the weekend when the sun was starting to set,so i will be back soon hopefully :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A layout

I finished this layout the other night, having started it at the crop. I pinched the idea of the black border with the pink paper from Claire's Lo here :) I'm aware that mine is very wonky - those scalloped scissors are not easy to cut straight with!I am also trying to put a bit more 'info' on my layouts ie dates, story etc.I need to go back through all my old albums at some point and at least date the photos on layouts where I haven't ,or they will mean nothing to the girls in the future (if they decide to keep them!)

It is still freezing cold here :( Yesterday we had blue skies and sunshine, melting a lot of the snow but it is back to being an ice rink out there now having frozen again last night.

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to Hemel Hempstead with a friend.It is years since I last went and it has changed totally from the fond memories I have of going there with my Mum ,Dad and sister when I was small! I found the coolest t-shirt in Primark :) I'm not sure about the colour but the words and photo?? I love them :) Sadly it has a hole in the seam ,but if I can't change it at another branch I will just mend it as I want it so much!

I am off to go and attempt to warm my cold hands up by doing a huge pile of ironing!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Our patience was rewarded :)

As forecast, it snowed!It started about 6pm -ish and I'm not sure when it stopped! Em had a dress rehearsal all day for her school musical later this week,so she didn't come out sledging with us :(
This year was the longest we have stayed out I think, thanks to the new gloves and waterproof trousers! Holly didn't complain about being cold once,wish we'd bought them before now! As per usual most of Holly's school were also out sledging and we had a really lovely morning (although my feet were frozen!)

Although she was not really in the mood,I persuaded Em to come out in to the garden once she was home,just for a little while!

Holly spent spent ages out in the garden making a very cute igloo (probably just about big enough for a cat!) but the photos aren't great as it was a bit dark by the time she finished it :( There was also a bit of angry snow throwing when part of it collapsed!

Although there we are not forecast any more ,there is still lots of snow every where.Hopefully both schools will be open tomorrow !

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Waiting ...impatiently...

...for the snow! We are supposedly forecast it from 6pm this evening and through the night,so we could wake up tomorrow to a winter wonderland : D.AS we have had heavy snow the last couple of years, we have gradually got more 'prepared'! We all (except Geoff !)have wellies,we have two sledges and today I have bought us waterproof ski gloves :) That way we can make snowmen and throw snowballs without cold wet hands and a million pairs of mittens drying on the radiators! Bring it on....!

Last week we had a our family trip to see Wicked,courtesy of some Christmas money and cheap tickets from Get In To London Theatre :)We had tea in Pizza Hut first -yum! And yes, it was the third time I've seen it, but I would still go again! Holly absolutely loved it and laughed,danced and sang throughout it :) And Em was just pleased it was the same actress playing Elphaba as when we went before as she really likes her (and she was supposed to be on holiday!)

Last week was crop week :) I spent most of the time doing my January pages .They are nearly done,I just needed a photo of Holly in her Guide uniform to complete them. I have seen lots of lovely Project Life pages on other peoples blogs but I really don't think our life is interesting enough to fill a page each week (and everyone else would be sick of my camera in their faces !) so I'll stick with the current plan of monthly pages!

This afternoon Holly wanted to go for a walk at the lakes.It was freezing so we didn't stay out too long!

This is the new 'epic' hat (as one of Holly's friends called it!)that Holly and Em share! They spotted it in Claires at a ridiculous price that I refused to pay,and then a few weeks later we found one on the sale rack for £3 - bargain!They only had one left though, hence the sharing!