Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nowt much going on...

...but if I miss a day I lose momentum and can't be bothered posting again!

Today has been one of those days with not much to report! I spent a bit of time in the garden tidying it and planting some bulbs (yes, I know...I should have done it back in about October..!) Em cleared all the leaves and twigs off the trampoline so they could both have a bounce on it later on.I also finally condemned the little tree that was stood by the front door to the recycling died ages ago but so far I haven't chucked it as it balances out the live one on the other side! I also emptied out all the rain water from the paddling pool (yes, another job that's been put off ) and leant it up over the slide in an attempt to encourage the grass to grow back!

So, the cupcake book arrived...and threw me a little! Lots of gorgeous photos ...but a little bit more adventurous than I anticipated! So I copped out and bought a packet mix for butterfly cakes from the corner shop...:) Okay, I promise I will use the book but I need to stock up on some ingredients first!

This evening I've done my Pencil Lines layout for tomorrow.I've used a photo that I have wanted to scrap for a while,which is good. I also cut up my most favourite sheet of BG Blush...and why do I have this incredible need to rush off and order a replacement sheet?!

Tomorrow I think I need to get up and get going as soon as possible.I got up a bit later this morning, felt really sluggish and didn't really improve after that! Ate rubbish all day which didn't help, so tomorrow I need to get back on track...

I haven't used my camera today so todays pic is an old one of the girls taken last summer.

Catch you romorrow!

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domestic goddess said...

lol for someone with very littl to say you sure wrote a lot!!
love that photo hun