Monday, August 28, 2006

Ribbon therapy....

Well, not much happening here to report I'm afraid! Hence no blogging yesterday.
My scrapping seems to be going nowhere just now. I either can't find a pic I want to scrap or none of my stash 'grabs' me....
So in an attempt to do 'something' last night I decorated the spine of a CJ I need to do for The Lounge. I just love ribbon (I think I blame Kirsty for this!) I absolutely loved doing this last night.But I also started to panic slightly incase I ran out of ribbon (not much chance really, but you know how it is...!) So I am already planning what I need to buy to replenish my ribbon jar with!
On a more serious note , I had a call from Anna tonight to let me know she was at the hospital as her dad has been taken ill again.Thinking of you and your dad hun and hoping everything is okay.
Just a short post today then - sorry! We should hopefully have the new car by Wednesday so we have a trip to the pictures planned as well as shopping for a new car seat for Holly and back to school odds & ends.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Best laid plans and all that.....

Well due to being car-less all our plans for the weekend had to change.
Originally Geoff was taking the girls up to Liverpool this afternoon and returning on Tuesday afternoon. Anna was going to whizz over here late Saturday for a girly evening of wearing pyjamas and watching chick flicks before whizzing back home again Sunday morning. Leaving me almost two whole days to get the house ship shape.I planned on going through all the cupboards, the girls rooms and doing some essential 'sorting' in our room!. But we're all still here and the house is still a mess!Ah well....
Went back to the hospital today as my side's feeeling worse rather than better. Turns out I have bruised ribs and a bruised chest wall. I just wish I could sneeze!! So I am dosing up on painkillers and taking it easy.
Photo today is of Holly wearing her new bodywarmer complete with furry hood - so cute!
I've just started to do the cover for a new CJ I'm in, on the Lounge.How organised am I?!
Went out to have a look for a replacement car today and found a good one which we should pick up on Wednesday.Geoff fell in love with a BMW people carrier thing on the web last night - shame he'd misread the price as being £2,000 and not £22,000......!!
Anyway, I'm off to bed, night all!

Friday, August 25, 2006

C*** happens....

...but life goes on.
As some of you probably know (I'm saying that like lots of people read this!!) we were involved in a car crash yesterday.We are all fine now after a slightly scarey time, just bruises and a few aches and pains.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been thinking of us and replied on the forums.
The kids are happy now that they have re-united with their shopping!
Anyway, don't have a new photo today....just wanted to share this one of the people who mean the most to me xx
PS If anyone could photshop out the scarey man in the background, I'll be eternally grateful!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Following the leader.....

Yes, we actually had a day out today! We went to Willows Farm and had a great day. It was so quiet compared to normal that that the kids were able to do everything without queuing for ages! Don't know if it was quiet because of the weather forecast (rain) but the clouds held off all day and once we got home it chucked it down.Photos are of the kids and Geoff in the Maize maze (also have a fab pic of the tops of the girls flags over the top of the maize!) and Holly on the whizzy thing - sorry, I cannot remember the proper name of it for the life of me! Next to the maze is a huge field where they are growing 10,000 pumpkins...guess where we're going in October!Talking of October, can you believe it, I actually stocked up on black and orange ribbon from Little Silver Hat today in prep for halloween!! Along with lots of red for back to school LO's! If only I were so organised with school uniform....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gym baby....

So Holly had her gymnastics lesson today...and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it! Once she spotted me watching (I had to go up and watch from a viewing balcony) she turned round to give me thumbs up every time she did something!She made new friend (yep, she is the only person I know who goes to the toilet and comes back with a new friend!) and they nearly gave me heart attack when they were 'helping' each other to do forward rolls! Hopefully I will try and get her registered for some more lessons in term time.Photo is of her looking all pink and rosy after the class. I did geta couple of her on the bars but I forgot I'd turned the flash off and by the time I'd turned it back on some other kids had decided to join her so I couldn't take any more pics.
And for her treat Em got to go and see Pirates Of The Carribean 2 with Geoff. I think they both enjoyed themselves! She loves to have one of us to herself sometimes!
Tomorrow,weather permitting, we might be going to a farm park - yipee!
Scrapping wise...hmmmmm...I keep starting stuff and then not knowing what to do with it!! I neeeed to finish something!
Haven't forgotten my tag Beth - honest! *makes mental note to self to remember to do it*

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's done....

Handed in my notice today...gulp! I nearly bottled it but from what I've heard lots of rubbish stuff has happened there since I was in on Thursday so I know that really it is for the best.
Went shopping for bits of school uniforn today and picked up a few (more) nice charms in Asda! I do like that shop!
Tomorrow Holly has a two hour gymnastics class at the local gym! I'm hoping I can stay and watch, though I'm sure she'll be showing me her new found 'talent' when she gets home!
I may be having a visitor at the weekend as I will be home alone - yipee!
Random pic today! Took this of Em through the kitchen window without her realising. She is a real little bookworm and I love this photo.
Right, I have just polished off a bottle of wine by myself so maybe I'd better go to bed!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Who nicked it?!

My mojo that is! I really wanted to 'do' something this evening but just couldn't settle on anything....
Got most of a LO done last night but have convinced myself that it needs a big Angel Kiss bloom so it'll go on the waiting pile with the others! I have another Cj to do so I could start that too as I have a couple of journals already.
Quiet day here, went out with the girls on their bikes and then had a roast dinner all together for tea.
Tomorrow I am off to the job agency and to hand my notice in - yikes! Or I may hand my notice in on Tuesday after I've spoken to the agency....either way I am on my hols for two weeks now anyway - woohoo!
Hmm, photo for to find one!Took this one today of Holly's favourite books, for a book she has to do about herself for her summer holiday 'homework'!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Funny faces and funky letters...

Okay Anna, please eat your words about Holly being the perfect model! This is the face I got today when I was trying to get 'normal' photos!! Love her!
Nowt much happening here today really.This afternoon Holly wanted to some painting while Em was doing homework so I grabbed the chance to join her.I bought these paper mache letters from Scrap Canvas back in April and have been meaning to decorate them for the girls rooms since! So this afternnon I've painted them both with Blonde Moments paints.Eventually I will get round to adding flowers , ribbons, gems etc.I will upload pics of the finished articles soon!
Oooh, and I have been tagged by Beth.Haven't forgotten but haven't had chance to think of my answers yet!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Four girls and a wall.....

...and what a fab bunch they are!
Had a fab day today with Anna and the girls. The photo session didn't go quite as planned but we got a couple of cute ones ! All four girls got on so well we didn't even know they were here most of the time!
And yes, Anna managed a bit of scrapping whilst I got the lunch ready!
We also sneaked in a quick trip to Asda where there were bargains to be had! Anna treated me to a fabby folder to keep my 8.5 x 11 LO's in.Also picked up some bargain enamelled charms - 30p for 2!! I have told Geoff I need a return trip next week!
Anna brought with her replenishment stocks of the gorgeous Sassafrass Lass Orange -a peel papers - yum!And I nicked two of her sample BIG Angel Kiss Daisy's - you neeeed these!
The postie brought me some yummy stuff today too! I got some more BG Gypsy papers plus the matching bazzill (cos I am rubbish at choosing it myself!).I also got a gorgeous year book from Kathryn as my cyber crop 'swap' as well as some glittery Lil' Davis chipboard - heaven. Thank you so much! And the lovely Suzanne (sorry, I still cannot suss out links!!) sent Holly a lovely Minnie Mouse PE bag.Don't you just love nice post?!
Photos are of the girls out in the garden this afternoon .
PS .Can anyone help me with why my photos always look so rubbish on here? Any help graefully received! At the moment I am resizing them and hosting on Photobucket.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spick and span?

..I should be so lucky !! Spent a fair bit of time tidying up today in preparation for our visitors tomorrow so I don't really have anything exciting to say! Have just finished rustling up a little swap surprise for someone on a forum.I will take photos and upload tomorrow. I'm quite pleased with it!
Pic today is of my girls , taken when we went to visit Bekonscot Model Village.
Well, this short & sweet! Back tomorrow hopefully!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thank you... all the lovely padders who've toot tooted me! I am really touched!
Feeling better about things today, bit more positive, though the job still has to go.
I didn't expect them to beg me stay or anything like that but I did think two years of working my butt off might have meant something to them. So I guess I will be writing my letter over the weekend and handing it in on Monday once I've signed up to a couple of job agencies.I'm pooping myself.....
Holly is at my mum & dad's tonight. I know she's always in bed at this time anyway, but the house always feels a bit emptier when one of them isn't here!Em had a good time last night and today they went out for a pub lunch with my mum & dad .Sigh...I'm jealous - a pub lunch would be lovely right now!
Strated a Lo tonight but I need one of those HUGE Angel Kiss flowers which aren't out yet to complete it....hint hint Anna ;)!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good day....Bad Day....

Don't you just hate it when what starts as a good day turns rapidly into a rubbish day?
Went into WHsmiths this morning and finally got a copy of August Creative Scrapbooking mag and - tada!- I have first my published LO!The excitement on the kids faces when they saw it was well worth the wait!
But in the two minutes it took me to walk across from Smiths and into work and into the office I was quickly brought down to earth with a bump. Basically as a result of various changes being made in work I have told them that as from now I am looking for a new job and will handing my notice in as soon as I do. I really can't hack being treated the way I am any more.I do not live to work and I certainly don't enjoy the job enough to put up with the current rubbish going on.
Fingers crossed something turns up quick :(
Two photos today....look at this little chap, isn't he cute?! Photo take by Em at the hedgehog hospital that my mum & dad took her and Holly to today.
And the second...this is what happens when the kids get hold of a digital camera!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lucky escape.... me anyway! I went back to Slimming World tonight having missed last weeks weigh-in. I was expecting a huge weight gain as I have completely lost the plot and eaten for England (and Scotland...and Wales...!!) the last week.So imagine my surprise (and relief!) at a 1lb gain!! I am back on the wagon now, having been back to the gym today too! The staff there generally walk round chatting to you whilst you're exercising, however I'm just not fit enough to talk whilst on a cross trainer as they found out today when they tried to be friendly!!
Pic today is of the girls out on their bikes yesterday. I feel quite sad when I go there...there was once a huge open air pool there where I spent most of my summers when I was younger.Going back down there and seeing it all so empty always makes me a bit sad.There's also a huge mound there where we used to's still there but these days we never get enough snow!
Back to work tomorow so I probably won't be around much til the weekend! Sadly my job isn't interesting enough to tell you about!
Tomorrow night Em is having a sleepover at my Mum & Dad's and then on Wednesday it's Holly's turn!She'll be forgetting what her own bed looks like soon!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I used some...

..yep, I actually used some of my new BG papers the day I got them! I'm quite shocked! It's not that I don't like BG, but I buy it and then never know how to use it! But this one is so yum I think I may even need some more! My pic for today is the other LO I managed to do for a cyber crop this weekend. It's based on class by Debbie70/Daisy (using the BG papers!) Thanks to all those who 'taught' classes this weekend, I'm hoping to get more done at some point.And congratulations to all those who won prizes ;)
We haven't done much today, the weather has been a bit erratic! Bright sunshine one minute, chucking it down with rain the next. Did manage to take the girls round the block and to the park on their bikes though.It was Holly's first outing on her bike outside the garden since teaching herself how to ride it! Tomorrow we are off swimming then I have my 'exit' appointment at the gym in the afternoon (my final assessment thingy) I'll be knackered tomorrow!
I think Holly has just about caught up on her sleep now too!
I need to start tidying up as well as Anna is visiting on Friday with Izzy and Lilly! Fingers crossed for decent weather on Friday please!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


..I really am rubbish at this blogging business aren't I?!!
So what's been happening...

Last night Holly had her first sleepover at a friends house !! I so wish I'd been a fly on the wall and heard some of their conversations! They finally fell asleep about 10pm (pretty much Holly's limit!) and Holly was awakre again at 5.45am!
This weekend I'm taking part in a cybercrop.Managed to get one LO done last night and will eventually do some more! No ink in the big printer though....perfect timing -not! This is a pic of last night sLO based on a class by Karen Miller.

Got some of the new BG Gypsy papers this morning - yum!! I just bought the few sheets I like as I can't justify buying the collection pack - there's always something I won't use! Can't wait to start using them!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sleepless night...

...yet again ! So I thought I'd update while I'm on the PC!
Have been awake til the early hours for about the last four nights and it's driving me nuts (as well as knackering me).Lots of stuff going round in my head too which isn't helping.
On Friday we went to Bekonscot Model Village with the girls.There is something I love about the place.It isn't huge but it must be one of the only places that I visited as a child that hasn't changed.
Did two LO's last week for the last round of the Pad comp.So I had to chance to scrap a photo I've been planning to do for a while...and it looks like the printer is dying on us :(.Pooh.
Got some nice post today, two setes of Lil Davis Crillion (sp?) chipboard which looks totally edible and the new Angel Kisses - yum! Sadly I'm now in work for three days so unless I start sleeping better there'll be no scrapping from me!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just for a change...

...I thought I'd use a photo which isn't of one of my girls! Quite pleased with this photo, taken of a peacock butterfly on my neighbours lilac/buddlhia (??!!) tree thingy! (Can't you tell I'm a rubbish gardener?!) Em pointed out that the way to get the best pic would be to look out of her bedroom window...but I was a bit worried that they might wonder what I was up to!
I ordered some more Angel Kisses today from Anna at Bumblebeecrafts - she has fab new colours in - check them out! The chocolate ones look divine! Just as well I love these flowers - it gives me a chance to use up my other indulgence - brads - can a girl ever have too many?!
Fingers crossed for decent weather tomorrow as we're hoping to go out once we've been shopping for school shoes ! The weather has a habit of being great til we all have a day off together and plan an outing!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pretty Young Thing... the title of todays LO! Had to do a LO based on a song from the Michael Jackson album Thriller and this was the most obvious title to go for !
I'm finding this size scrapping so much quicker - not so much space to fill! Okay, so I'm a bit boring and always use white or black but I'm not the best when it comes to choosing co- ordinating cardstock and papers!
Ordered some more ribbon today from Little Silver Hat - sorry I still haven't sussed out how to do links. I bought some spotty ribbon in cream and brown a while ago 'just incase' I ever needed it....two cj entries later and it's all gone so I needed to replenish it ! And a few others fell in the basket too......!!
I've been at work today.I'd love to say I enjoyed it but I just don't feel that way about it at the mo......
Finished work and practically ran home as Em had a friend coming round an hour after I finished !
Poor Holly was up way too early this morning so bedtime was a totally dramatic affair! Managed to stop her tears by letting her dress up as a pirate after she'd got out of the bath (no, she was in such a state I didn't dare point a camera at her!!) but she was one tired sweetpea.....
Keep your fingers crossed for decent weather on Friday as we're hoping to take the girls out for the day!
Okay I'm off as it feels like I've been rambling on for ages!