Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up and finishing off...

So any attempts to blog regularly in July failed! The girls have now finished school for another year and it looks like summer has done a runner...!
Holly finally left Brownies a couple of weeks back :( The guide group that she wants to attend is over subscribed though so I don't think she'll be starting there until after Christmas. I made her leader a Thank You album with all the photos that I'd taken at various activities they had done.I made a page from each of Holly's friends who had recently left ,with their photo on which they then wrote a Thank You note on the back of.I think she liked it...she cried! Which wasn't the intention but I did want her to know how much they have all enjoyed their time with her and how much they all liked her :)
Sunday was cropping day, with me being in charge as Anna was otherwise occupied! I didn't do any full layouts but made an attempt at catching up on my Document 2011 pages. I'd forgotten how long they take me! But I did pretty much get July's done (just need to do the family photo for the month :) ) as well as getting some of April's done. I managed to do a bit more this afternoon too whilst Holly had a friend round and Em was doing homework.I finally finished this layout too that I did at the crop two months ago but needed a title.I decided not to go with the character names as it would have been way too long,so settled for the fac t that they were the first ones that we metr, on our way to find Mickey :)
Oh dear,just realised what an awful photo that is...it looks nice in real life - really!(Just checked and if you click on it, it is in focus after all!) I used Echo Park Summer Days papers which are fab and bright and perfect for Disney photos...I need to buy some more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

At the lavender field...

Yesterday I went for my photo workshop at Hitchin Lavender field :) We got there really early as we weren't sure how bad the traffic would be by Knebworth,but the roads were clear.It meant that I had time to wander on my own for a bit as well as having a chat with Rachael Warne who was teaching the course.She was really lovely, with loads of experience (proved by the gorgeous magazine articles featuring her photographs!) First of all she gave us a talk through the basics ie apertures,shutter speeds . She showed us examples of her work ,explaining what a difference changing depth of field or focal points can make.We then took a walk around the farm and field looking at different ways to photograph the scenery etc. After lunch (which was lovely!) we then went off to take photos wherever we wanted. I won't bore you too much,but here a few that I took.

When the girls and Geoff came to pick me up afterwards they picked a couple of bags of lavender (which is currently drying out on trays in the living room!) It was very sunny by then though so they were squinting in most of the photos I took :( Love this one though,even if you can't see much lavender!
Sadly, there are no sunflowers this year :( They didn't survive May when there was very little rain.Much as I like the lavender, the sunflowers were gorgeous last year so I'm really disappointed :(

I'm hoping to go back in a couple of weeks maybe when the lavender is out a bit more as the rows weren't as full as when we went last year at the end of July.And maybe the girls will be more in the mood to have their photos taken...!!

Anyway, I did come home feeling that I'd learnt quite a bit,and it drummed into me a few things which I sort of knew but kept forgetting!I just have to remember to put it into practice!

Friday, July 08, 2011

At least we can say we went....

Yesterday ,as probably the whole world was aware,was the final Harry Potter premiere in London.I didn't realise it was so soon although I knew it was due sometime in July. Unfortunately yesterday was also Holly's school open evening when we get to go and have a look at all the work she has done this year.Having been into London for the previous one,I knew Em was hoping to go to this one too.So we settled for a juggling act of a quick visit to school before Em and I whizzed off to London.By the time we got there it was much later than when we went before and a totally different set up.So we pretty much missed everything! But we did get to see the screen...and the hoardings blocking everything off!
Anyway, we hung around Trafalgar square for a bit before having a bit of a wander (where we could!) and also visited the M&M shop... At least being daylight we could walk a bit further out and not feel quite so lost!
Apparently the weather for Sunday is looking good (or it was last time I checked!) I'm now just wondering how long it will take to get there as the traffic is awful due to the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth Park....

Message for Claire C (if you read this!!) I keep trying to leave a message on your blog but it keeps asking me to sign into my Google Account over and over again :( This is the website for Hitchin Lavender .The sunflowers are due out soon too,and are also beautiful:) Their blog is usually updated as to when the flowers are in bloom :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Busy busy busy

The last few weeks of summer term seen to be like the last couple of weeks before Christmas,with lots going on!

We had a beautiful day on Saturday watching the Maypole dancing :) It's a really lovely day as it's not competitive and the girls can dance as and when they want.We all take picnics and have a great time :) The sun shone most of the time and I now have a lovely tan ! This coming Thursday is open evening,which for some reason is really late this year! I'm looking forward to seeing what Holly has been growing at gardening club and her work on display in her classroom :) She is off Hatfield House again on Friday to take in a Guinness Book Of records largest History Lesson :)

Last week on Thursday both girls' schools were closed due to teacher strikes so I left Em in charge whilst I went to work for a couple of hours.I came home to the lovely smell of fresh baked cookies ! We went out for a walk to the lakes ,taking my camera with me as it doesn't seem to get much use these days! Love this one of both of them :)

I am very excited to be going on a photography workshop this coming weekend at Hitchin Lavender. It's the first time I have been to something like this and I am slightly worried about going on my own and not knowing anyone ! However,I am really looking forward to learning how to use more features on my camera.And as I can stay on as long as want once the workshop ends I am hoping to get some photos of the girls amongst the lavender again.Though hopefully I will go back again once the sunflowers are out too :)