Friday, January 19, 2007

How sweet... this little stamp?! And believe me, it really is little! I was expecting it to be much bigger- serves me right for not even thinking of looking at the measurements! I also got some other gorgeous goodies in the same parcel that the stamp came in but I cannot share a pic as it will spoil the suprise for someone else ;)
Well, what a change in the weather today! Okay, it was still windy but the sky remained blue and clear for best part of the day! And isn't it just typical? After a flooded playground yesterday, the children at the girls school were hard pushed to find a decent puddle to splash in!This morning I met Caz as a last minute arrangement (she was in town and I was 'around'!) so we headed to Costa's for our traditional hot chocolate ! Okay, I admit it, I also had a chocolate muffin...I was hungry! It gave me a chance to admire her Troll beads anyway...! I also got to sit in whilst she made arrangements for her wedding flowers with the florist!'s all changed so much since I got married many many moons ago ;)!
Grabbed a quick hour at home before going to meeting at the school about Em's forthcoming trip to York in March.Sounds like they will have a fab time...though not sure getting her to school by 7.10am will be so fab...
I leave you with a pic of Em's funky new boots!
Thank you also for the lovely comments about my card, I really appreciate them!


domestic goddess said...

i cant bear Miss Deacon, what is this lil surprise of mine? i love that stamp, love Ems boots as well
catch you at the weekend

Ann(i)e said...

Those are some awesome they come in my size???
Your card is gogeous....feeling guilty that I am behind already....I guess I have a good excuse though...hehe!