Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poorly little 'un

I've had Holly at home with me today, instead of starting back at school.She's had a bit of a sore throat the last couple of days , didn't sleep well last night and the bags under her eyes this morning were big enough to carry my stash in...!! So she's spent the day in her pyjamas, we've totally overdosed on Kipper the Dog and Charlie and Lola and hopefully she'll be fine tomorrow!We also spent out day playing snakes & ladders, doing puzzles and making stuff from Hama beads.I am now the proud owner of an orange heart made for me by Holly because I am 'her best friend' - bless!
Tomorrow Anna is coming over for a bit of girlie time out and possibly a pub lunch - yum!
Plans for the great sort-out were kind of on hold today as Holly was home but I have managed to sort out my flowers and brads and re-arrange one shelf so that things no longer fall out on me....oh, for a scrap room and decent storage space!!
I leave you with a pic of Holly taken this morning..


Beth said...

Aww, bless her, hope Holly is better today. Well done on sorting a bit of your stash out too. XX

domestic goddess said...

send Holly my love