Friday, December 29, 2006

And so it begins!!

The clearing and the sorting, that is!
Yesterday me and the girls started to go through their rooms in an attempt to wittle down the piles of 'stuff' around everywhere! We did well, Em condensed four boxes down to one and Holly managed to part with a few things too! She has also finally decided to put her Bob The Builder toys away too :(. She has loved those toys since she was tiny!( I know she is growing up...but I'm not finding it easy! )They will be lovingly packed up and put in the loft! But hopefully it will give us a bit more space to rearrange her shelves etc.
Seems like ages since I've scrapped.....! I've ordered some yummy new paper today though and am hoping that will inspire me! I also need to make a start on sorting through my stash and down-sizing somewhat!
The weather here is pretty dire today - wet and windy ! So we are staying in and watching tv - Muppet Treasure Island at present !
So , are you making any resolutions for the New Year? I always end up breaking them but there are a few things I HAVE to do this year! Yep, the weight thing is the main one but also to get myself more organised, do things when I say I will and generally be more efficient! There are other things but I can't quite find the right way of putting them into writing but they are there in my head!
And on that note I am off to sort out my Robox!!
I'll leave you a pic taken during the pressie opening on Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Just a quick Merry Christmas post!!
Hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves!
I can almost rest easy, Geoff is busy preparing all the veg for tomorrow - I count myself as very lucky, I don't have to lift a finger food wise on Christmas Day! Girls are in bed excitedly waiting for the arrival of Santa !
This evening we went to a beautiful Christingle service. The church was big but packed out! And it was fab -a real pony (they couldn't get a donkey!) and real baby too!It was just lovely when all the lights were dimmed and the place was just lit by all the children's candles. I am now really in the mood for tomorrow!
Okay, I'm off! I leave you with a photo taken about an hour ago of my little santa's!Have a good one!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Just a quickie update for now! Just been decorating bags for teacher presents for tomorrow and manged to slash the top of my thumb with a craft knife!! Yikes!! And typical, all we have left are Bob The Builder plasters!!
Here's my Pencil Lines layout for this week!
Kelly,the squares on last weeks are KI Memories Clearly Cool Ice Cubes stuck over normal buttons.The squares are from a couple of seasons ago though, I'm trying to use up some older stash! I went a bit KI mad when I started scrapping and have a backlog to work through!
Gotta dash, bleeding thumbs and all that!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 10!

Week 10 Pencil Lines sketch is now up so I can share mine with you! It amazes me how we all manage to do the same sketch so differently!It has felt good to scrap again and this evening I have been working on a Cj to be handed over (hopefully!)tomorrow.My lack of organisation is seriously starting to annoy me though, I can nevr find what I want to use!I think the New Year will call for a huge clearout and tidy up.....
Just a quickie tonight as I don't have much else to share after yesterday's mega post!
We currently have a bare Christmas tree here as the lights that I normally wrap around the middle of the tree are kaput! And at 5.30pm on a Sunday afternoon there was not a lot I could do about it! Doesn't seem worth replacing the 25 blown bulbs so I think I'll be investing in some new ones! Until then , our tree will remain nude!
Both girls enjoyed their parties today and Em survived the party she went to at Roller City without any broken bones!
Okay, I'm signing off to head for my bed!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's a miracle....

..(well two if you count the fact that I'm bloggng !!)I actually scrapped yesterday! Can't share it as it's my Pencil Lines sketch for this week! I went over to visit Anna yesterday to deliver birthday and Christmas pressies and rifle through her stash! It was so nice just to sit at a table (I generally scrap on my lap!),chat and scrap!I was even very cheeky and sneaked a peek inside her birthday bag (that is one cool 'A'!!) from Ann(i)e! I am very jealous of the tiny bit I could see! So, my layout is mainly made up of stash nicked from Anna! The one thing of mine that I wanted to use has completely vanished off the face of this earth! I guess it doesn't help that I have stash in three diferent cupboards, all crammed in precariously and likely to fall out at the slightest touch! See, now if I had Anna's lovely room,I'd be soooo organised and tidy......mwahahahaha!

So, why haven't I been here for so long?! Well, nothing earth shattering really, just life getting in the way! Last week saw Holly's birthday (can't believe my 'baby' is 6 :( ), working etc etc.This week I've had a day off work as Holly was sick and it was lovely just to catch up on stuff around the house. We escaped to the park for a litle while in the afternoon,just to get some fresh air and let Holly wear her new hat!
This afternoon Holly had a party (one of the many !!) so Em and I stopped off by the corner shop to buy marshmallows and squirty cream.Once home I dug out my huge Friends mugs and we treated ourselves to hot chocolate with all the trimmings!Tomorrow there are two parties to attend (one each) and Em has a dance exam in the afternoon - phew!
This week also sees the school Christmas play performances so I'm expecting two tired children come Thursday! I sat up til gone midnight on Thursday making Em's costume. I had tried to get one on ebay but with no joy.So I sat and made a white apron , complete with broderie anglaise trim, , bib and straps plus a mop hat trimmed with broderie anglaise.Amazing what you can with an old sheet, your mum's pinking shears and some elastic (also nicked from my mum!) Couple this with a black frilly blouse from a charity shop and a full length black skirt, two Ikea buckets and you have one milk maid from 'Oliver'!!(From the 'Who will Buy' song scene!)
Right , well I seem to have from one extreme to the other and rambled on for ages so I will leave you with a picture from this afternoon (I'm sure I never took photos of stuff like this till I scrapped!)