Saturday, January 06, 2007

Creatively messy...

....or just messy?! As I mentioned yesterday, the kitchen table was clear today so I thought it would a good time to scrap and maybe get the girls to do some too. Hmmm...may have made a mistake there! They took over the whole table and I was relegated to the kitchen work top! Ah well I got finished this evening when they were in bed! They had a whale of a time though, getting inky and tipping jars of flowers and gems everywhere! I will take pics of what they did tomorrow.Holly started on a little christams scrapbook that santa bought her and Em worked on a layout of herself dressed up ready for a friends party.I am pleased that she can scrap herself with far more ease than I scrap myself!
The weather was rotten here today, heavy rain all day so our activities were restricted pretty much to the scrapping.We ventured out of the house to get the girls hair cut and drenched in doing so!
Don't forget , Pencil Lines goes live again tomorow night at 9pm! Really excited about our guest this week as I have admired her scrapping for a long time!!
Catch you soon!


domestic goddess said...

well you did better than me, i painted the coving, radiators and walls, no scrapping here :(

Anonymous said...

either way (messy or creative or both) it's looks like good fun!!!
Love your silly santa lo!!!