Friday, January 12, 2007

Vet in the house...!

Yep, Holly is having a dressing up phase again at the moment! Current fave is the vet's outfit.This morning she popped it on over her pyjama's and carried out several important examinations and injections ,after which she got dressed for school and put it back on again over the top!
Today Holly has come home with her first set of spellings from school...feels very strange! I've got used to Em having homework, but in my head it still feels like Holly's not old enough.Ah well, tomorrow we wil have our first practice of fat, cat , mat etc. I think she'll be fine, we've done lots of spelling in the bath with foamy letters!
No scrapping done today though I have been looking over at my Pencil Lines sketch for this week quite a lot, and I think I have a layout forming in my head! I spent this morning sorting out a cupboard that hoards a lot of my stash, including all my card making stuff.I cannot believe how many card blanks I have :0. As I hardly make cards now, I really need to get rid of them.....just not sure how yet! There is a serious amount of money tied up out there at the moment ! Any offers?! Eventually once everything is sorted and got rid of, I can move my pile of scrapping stuff that's in the living room out to the kitchen about six months maybe...!!
Don't forget to check out Pencil Lines, the readers gallery is now live and the December winning layout has been announced!


domestic goddess said...

doesnt she look like the real deal
I am about to print of my PL sketch photos :)

Beth said...

Aww Sue, Holly looks lovely in the vets outfit, don't they all look so cute when they dress up, brings back memories. Bless her. Now where can I find a "nice" uniform from? Beth XX

jake said...

my girlies used to be just like this - course, they're all grown up now. I wish I had photos of them from way back then tho...but sadly i don't. Your pic has made me feel all wistful... lol.

jk x