Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love Lyzzy :)

Because she told me where there was a pumpkin field!! Okay, so it was two years ago and this is the first year that I've remembered to ask her for directions before she headed off her for her hols!
We did have a trip to Willows planned ,the picnic was all packed ,when I realised that the kids go free vouchers all expired at the beginning of October -oops!So after a quick phone call to check we could actually go on to the pumpkin field ,we headed off to the PYO & farm shop :)I absolutely love pumpkins,don't know why ,they just make me fell really Autumn-y :) So, apologies to Anna, but photo overload of orange-ness coming up!

They had loads 'ready picked' but were happy for us to go round the field to hunt for our own...we came home with the smallest one on the field ,as chosen by Holly! Luckily the people working there had already coveniently arranged the picked pumpkins in big piles around the filed, perfect for getting the kids to sit on!! We will be heading back there next year :)
Tomorrow Em is off to a freinds for a sleepover and Holly has her friend coming here for a sleepover...it's like musical houses!
And Thursday I am so looking forward to as I'm off to London with Anna for a cupcake in Selfridges,dinner at Chez Gerard and then to see Wicked....I'm so excited !!
And Friday afternoon will be spent carving our pumpkins ready for Saturday :)
I'm off to scour the net for pumpkin papers....:)

It's half term :)

Today we have been on a pumpkin hunt but I'll share those photos later :)
This is my Pencil Lines Lo for this week, we joined up with The Next Step this week and also used sponsorship from May Arts ribbon.I used
My Minds Eye Breaking Free paper
May Arts ric ric & ribbon
KI Memories lace cardstock
Pink Paislee letter stickers
Prima crystal swirls
Sunday was crop day and as per usual I got very little done! Most of my time was spent talking to Karen and Kerry and eating brownies...ooops! I got two Lo's almost done though which is better than nothing!
Be back later with pumpkin pics!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yum :)

I forgot that I said I'd add photos of Em's 'cake' display from Saturday :) Now, I am no domestic goddess, and believe me there was an awful lot of cursing whilst I made these cupcakes! The recipe said to use an electric mixer ,(which I don't have) or a whisk ,so I used the small handheld electric whisk...hence lots of flour floating around the kitchen and gunged up mixer blades once the mixture was thick!I'll be looking for an easier recipe next time!I decided to use some ready made icing for them and then stocked up on lots of different toppings, my favourite being the Waitrose 'balls' in really bright colours :)Once in the lovely new cupcake stand, I added a 13 birthday candle, no 13 sparklers and then added some other indoor sparklers as well.It looked really good and even her friends were impressed :)

Em is still recovering from her cold/flu whatever it was,having spent most of yesterday asleep :( She's been a bit more lively today and this afternnon we chilled out and watched Sleepless In Seattle together,she's normally more into Harry Potter,Twilight etc so I need to introduce her to a few chick flicks ;)!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Blog Hop winner

Okay, I have got my girls to pick a winner :)

Kazuko said...
Happy birthday Pencil Lines! This is so fun!
10:35 AM

Thank you once again to everyone for taking the time to join in the blog hop and for leaving so many comments:) I will try and get round as many of your blogs as possible in the near future!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Party on!

Thank you so much to everyone who's stopped by my blog during the blog hop and left such lovely comments :) You still have a couple of hours to leave a comment on the post below to be in with a chance of winning the My Little Shoebox goodies :)Tomorrow I will get one of my girls to pick a winner and post their name on here :)
So as well as the birthday cyber crop,we've still had time for a new sketch for you this evening :)This week we were very generously sponsored by Cosmo Cricket -swoon! I had planned to use Early Bird but in the end the the photo which jumped out at me went perfectly with Earth Love :)I can honestly say I am so pleased with this LO, though for some reason the colours don't look so great in the photo,it's much 'warmer' in real life.Anyway, this Lo basically tells the story of how every year I try and get the perfect leaf throwing photo and each year I fail! I have so many photos of the girls with their eyes shut, not a leaf in shot or just a huge blur!

All supplies from the Earth Love range.The leaves are cut out and raised up on foam pads.I also used American Crafts felt thickers.
Last night Em had her birthday sleepover.Just before her friends arrived she started to feel a bit flushed and dizzy.Although she made it ok through the night ,she promptly went back to bed once everyone had gone home this morning and has felt pretty rough ever since :( Looks like she will home tomorrow ,which she is not happy about as it will ruin her 100% attendance record at school, bless her! A valuable lesson was learnt last night though, twelve and thirteen year old girls cannot be trusted with popcorn...we spent ages this morning hoovering it up and picking the stuff off various throws and cushions!Yesterday I made proper big cupcakes to go in the fancy cupcake stand that we bought a couple of weeks ago,we added indoor sparklers and Em loved it :)Will share photos tomorrow :)

And make sure you check out Anna's announcement over on Pencil Lines too,below this weeks new sketch :) This is part of my contribution :)

I'll be back tomorrow with my RAK winner!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday party blog hop :)

As part of our pass the parcel blog hop ,I'm ofering this RAK of My Little Shoebox goodies and a few co-ordinating flowers:) All you have to do is leave me a comment and I'll announce the winner on Monday:)

*blog comments now closed *

To unwrap the next layer of the pass the parcel over on over to Ania's blog :) Happy blog hopping!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Come and join us for the Pencil Lines Birthday blog hop :)

It all kicks off at 8pm GMT on Friday 16th :)

Check out Pencil Lines for more details!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teenager in the house!

Yep, our oldest is now a teen...I've no idea where those years went! Her main present was a new mobile which she has been longing for for sometime now, definitely takes after her dad! Her other presents seemed to follow one theme...Hello Kitty! We're talking t-shirts, lip balm, bag, playing cards,passport holder,you name it they do it in Hello Kitty! This weekend we will be descended on by her freinds for a sleepover,we'll be taking refuge upstairs while Holly gets to escape completely (to her disappointment!) for a sleepover at Nanny & Grandad's house :)

Not much else going on,the weather has turned really damp and chilly today :( Not even much scrapping going on,even though I have lots of lovely paper waiting to be used!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pencil Lines

That was an imaginative title wasn't it?!
This is my LO for this week, and the sketch is mine too...for the first time ever (only took 3 yrs...!!)Love these photos and these papers,they have stashed away for a couple of years now just waiting for the perfect photos :)
The trees along the bottom of the big photo are raised up on foam pads.
I used
KI Memories Grateful papers
Jenni Bowlin letter stickers
AC puffy thickers
KI Memories chipboard
Basic Grey Offbeat sticker
Yesterday we went conker collecting again, and have got heaps more again for the squirrel who is currently burying them all over our garden! Just as well we're not too 'garden proud'!
I'm off to blow up balloons and put banners up as tomorrow we will have a teenager in the house (now how did that happen?!)
Don't forget, we are on blinkie patrol again over at Pencil Lines this week!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Roald Dahl Day

Today Holly's school finished their Roald Dahl week with a day dressing up as characters from his books :) There were so many fab costumes in the playground this morning,lots of oompa loompa's,fantastic foxes and Willy Wonka's :) Holly wanted to go as Sophie from the B.F.G (there were a few of those there too!). We used a pair of cinema 3D glasses ,minus the lenses,and added few freckles :)

Tomorrow morning we are off the see the movie Aliens In The Attic,though really I just fancy a lie-in! In the afternoon we are off to my mum& dad's for a pre -birthday tea for Em as my sister is visiting with her girls :) Sunday is food shopping and most probably a pile of ironing - nice! And before I know it willl be Monday again :(

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I know, I know...

I keep promising to get better at blogging,but I seem to be getting even worse :(

Anyway,let's see what I can remember....!

This is my Pencil Lines LO for this week.Our birthday month was kicked off with sponsorship from May Arts ribbons :)

I used the chunky ric rac,the reverse side of some green spotty ribbon, and the flower is made using the leaves of the suede effect trim :)

I keep promising to get better at blogging,but I seem to be getting even worse :(

I also used AC felt thickers

Bo Bunny paper

MLS letter stickers

On Friday last week I came down with a rotten cold so spent most of the wwekend with my nose in a tissue :( On Sunday afternoon though,Holly and I went up to Ayot for some more conkers and then walked back home through the woods as the weather was so gorgeous:)

This week Holly has had Tudor day at school ,as well as it being Roald Dahl week :) Tomorrow she'll be dressing up as Sophie from the B.F.G :) Amd whilst I would have loved to have sent her as a rich Tudor, we settled for the servant look!
I seem to be geting no where fast at the moment, loads to do and nothing getting done! So don't be surprised if it's a few days before I return!
Don't forget our Birthday blinkie blog hop is still on over at Pencil Lines!