Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's out!!

Holly's first tooth that is! At long last...and all I can say is Thank Goodness! We have had so many tears over this tooth you would not believe!
Typically it came out at 8.30am this morning just as we were already running late for school anyway! Anyway, we are expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy sometime tonight....sadly, I don't think Holly will be getting the giraffe, cow, horse and goat she asked for (Charlie & Lola have a lot to answer for!)but maybe a couple of coins to go towards them!
It seems very quiet everywhere at the I'm not sure what I'm missing!
Don't forget the Angel Kiss challenge on over at The Lounge !

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A headless chicken ... what I feel like right now!! How women with three kids and a full time job cope I will never know...I cannot cope with two kids and a part time job! I feel like a bad mummy just now and I don't like it! However that said, I have all uniforms (mine and theirs!) ironed and ready for tomorrow morning so that is a step in the right direction!
Now I know I said I was going to do cj's etc last night ...but I changed my mind and did a LO I have been meaning to do for a this photo of Holly!This is a little tribute to Kirsty.To explain, Kirsty used to have a blog banner of herself pulling this face, so whenever I was reading her blog,Holly would peer over my shoulder pulling said face!
I tried to take some photos of myself pulling daft faces for Kirsty's latest challenge..but to be honest they were just plain scary!! So I've deleted them!
Picked up a copy of the new Creative Scrapbooking mag today and it is just fab! Lots of shiny pages full of gorgeous Lo's and Anna's face on far too many pages ;)
Last day at work for me for this week tomorrow - woohoo!Hoping to fit in a trip to the gym first but they may have to wait til Friday...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Angel kisses..

I know I keep raving about these so here is a pic to show you their scrumptiousness!
We have a challenge on at The Lounge at the moment where you can win some of these beauties!
All you have to do is show us how you've used your kisses. It could be a card, a tag , a layout or a CJ entry - just inspire us!
I have been a good girl and been to the gym today, and I've tried hard on the diet ..but it's so boring!!
I am off now as I have a pile of CJ's to do and a star book to start !

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Please forgive me...

...for being a bad blogger and not posting for a week.I wasn't sure that anyone would noticed ..but I have been reprimanded !!
Today's pic is of the star book I finally managed to finish at the Scrapping Angels crop in Huntingdon today.I'm ashamed to admit that I actually started it last November at a retreat run by Kirsty.And now it's finished , I love it! When all is said and done you just cannot go wrong with the Sugar Dumpling papers from Blonde Moments - I love 'em!! Decorating the book wwas made easy with the addition of lots of yummy Angel kisses flowers - if you scrap or card make you definately need these lil' babies!
Had a fab time at the crop today, Ali were poor Paul's ears burning?! Everyone made gorgeous star books - I was so tempted to buy both kits! I settled for one though and am hoping to make it up as a pressie for my sister.
In search of photos for my star book, I spent hours yesterday browsing through all my old photos.That combined with a clearout of my clothing drawers (!!) has resulted in a mild depression!! I seriously need to lose weight and start to look after myself more so my new regime starts NOW!! (okay, it will start when I've finished my Maltesers ice cream bar....) Stay tuned for my progress!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hmmm... tell me, what am I supposed to write in a blog when I haven't really done anything?!
Pic today is of a coaster that the girls gave Geoff for Father's day yesterday.
I have finally plucked up the courage to submit a LO to a mag this evening so fingers crossed....I know the girls ould love to see themselves in print!And they are the reason I scrap...
Off to Anna's crop on Sunday so I need to start organising my photos etc soon! I always leave it til the last moment and end up taking half the house with me!Not a good idea when travelling there by train!
Got myself down to the gym by 8.00am this morning....y'know,if I could just stop eating rubbish food too it might actually make a difference as I'm definitley finding it easier now.
Kirsty has another challenge on at the moment, to scrap a photo of yourself pulling a silly face.Hmm, I have a photo of me and Anna (that Anna hasn't seen!) so maybe I'll use that !

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ooh la la!!

Had a fab time with Ann ahere yesterday! We actually have a Continental Market in the town centre over the weekend and Anna was in her element.Whilst I may not enjoy olives I can certainly appreciate French croissants!
We shopped (and shopped..) found a fab photo shop for advice ,had drinks in the sunshine and just chilled. Just a shame the timetables didn't point out that Anna would need to change trains and she got home two hours later than expected ! Sorree....
As I have been a bad blogger and didn't post yesterday i might be back later with an update from today.I am off to the School summer fete with the girls for fair rides, face painting and much more.Who knows ,I may scrap at some point this weekend! Actually . I have to as I am finally being brave enough to send a LO in to a magazine... I also have to do some tags for the CJ from the Lounge , plus I have Kirsty's 'Things that money cannot buy' CJ here too.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day four...

Haven't done any scrapping this week so today's pic is of Geoff's tattoo that he had done on Monday.
I'm still not brave enough to get one done though!
Tomorrow Anna is hopping on a train and coming to see me.Hopefully we will be dining on stodgy French pastries and olives (well Anna can have the olives all to herself!) as there is a Continental Market in the town centre at the mo (ooh la la!) I will also be packing some alky -hol so we can have a little picnic !!
We will be taking our cameras so I may post a pic of us tomorrow night!
Had some really sad news today that I don't feel right sharing on here...but it makes me realise just how precious life can be.
On a happier note, the girls have had World Cup week at school this week. They've been studying different countries in each year and visiting the themed classrooms with 'passports'! They've also been doing lots of sport activities and Holly has informed me that she is very good at gymnastics! Now why doesn't that surprise me...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day three..huge thank yous..and dressing up...

I have to say a huge thank you to Kirsty for making my banner and rearranging my blog for me ! Luv ya!
Came downstairs this morning to find Holly had been rummaging thropugh a bag of old hats and scraves which was in the kitchen and was dresed like this....
I was going to add a photo of Geoff's new tattoo but I'm not clever enough to suss out how to add two photos in one post!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Testing testing....

Just checking if I've sused out how to add aphoto!

This is a LO of Em I did a ouple of weeks ago.c

Day two.....

..and not much happening!
Hopefully my blog will start to look a little bit prettier later with some help from Kirsty! Til then you will have to make do as I'm completely out of my depth here!
Much excitement from Holly - she suddenly has three wobbly teeth so the tooth Fairy had better keep her diary free!!
The heat is too much at the mo, and is my excuse for doing no housework for ages. Which is not good as have I Anna visiting on Friday!Can't wait!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Day one in the Big Deacon house

Hmmm...I have no idea what I'm doing here but I 've been made to get a blog by stinky pants Wiseman !
Will be back later when I think of something interesting to say and find a picture to add!