Thursday, January 25, 2007

So it came...

...and it went!! The snow that is! I meant to update last night but I could hardly keep my eyes open after watching Desperate Housewives so I went straight to bed.I am so glad the girls had time to go out in the snow before school as it had pretty much disappeared by lunchtime and they would never have forgiven me for depriving them!So here are a couple of pics of them playing!

The old settee is finally gone! Who'd have thought it would be so dificult to shift?! The Voluntary people came out. looked at it and decided it was too big (bear in mind, I offered to tell them the measurements etc before they came out...), another place didn't want it as we have no chairs to match it , another place was over-run with sofas! I eventually rang my friend over the road to see if she could store it in her garage until next week.Turns out our other neighbours don't have a sofa at the moment so they came and took it last night and seemed very happy with it!Phew!

Today I am off to the dentist...nice.Just a check up but as I haven't been for ages I dread to think what she'll say..!

Have woken up with 'that time of the month' from hell going on but I have to do stuff today! I need to get Jo's Cj started (I need to plan it, I don't want to mess up my doodling!) as well as my card for Emily's prompt!

Ooops, the council men have just arrived to sort out the damp proofing so I'll be back later!


domestic goddess said...

love love those photos, go scrap them!! i never got out quick enough. I will check in on your blog while i am awy so keep updating

Caz said...

wish I had a chance to play in the snow too, lol!

Nice blog by the way ;)

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Awww - so sweet about little girls and penpals. I still have all my childhood letters!