Saturday, January 13, 2007

Losing my marbles....

I think! Either that or I'm getting old...I spent ages today looking for a photo that I knew was on the PC somewhere. Although I knew it wasn't in the last couple of months, I still thought it was fairly recently.I eventually found it after a second search...and it was taken two years ago!!Err...where did that time go then?!At least I found it though, it would have driven me mad otherwise!

A quiet day here again.The weather is still totally unpredictable at the moment.We got soaked just popping up to the corner shop!

So this evening I have been doing my Pencil Lines sketch for tomorrow.Yep, I know it sounds like I'm very last minute...and I am.But it does mean that I'm using up some of my older stash as I have to use whatever I've got by leaving it til now! I've also received the sketches for a few weeks in advance lips are sealed ...but one of them is biiiiiig!!

I haven't used my camera today so I'll leave you with another pic of Holly is dressing up mode taken in warmer weather!!

Looking forward to tomorrow's prompt by Emily too!

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domestic goddess said...

OMG is it tomorrow the prompt, i will have to do 2 when i get back, knew i would be useless