Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daffodils and blossom trees:)

So the gorgeous weather is still with us,yipee! I dragged the lawn mower out of the shed on Sunday and cut the grass - in March! It's slightly mad but we'll make the most of it! I'm hoping it lasts til the Easter holidays anyway!
On Saturday afternoon Holly and I went out with the camera :) To be honest, she was still pretty much full of cold,so as you can imagine a lot of her smiles were more like grimaces! And as expected I couldn't prise Em away from her homework!
I seem to be doing even more walking than normal at the moment and am admiring all the different types of blossom trees round here. This one is my favourite so far I think :)

Today I went to see Holly singing in a an Easter concert at one of the local churches,with some others from her school :) Not quite sure why they went to the church as it seemed to be just parents and not church goers watching them...!
Yesterday I bought us a new dinner service:) Now that may not sound very exciting but...the one we have now is the one we got as wedding presents nearly 19 (!!) years ago.To be honest there's not a lot wrong with it and in all that time we've only managed to break two dinner plates! But it was getting a bit boring! So we are now the proud owners of a lovely pink ,hand painted Sainsburys set which was on offer at half price - bargain! Actually I really need to stop going in Sainsburys as there are so many lovely things in their home section!Next on my wish list is the pink clothes airer which is currently on offer too....

Friday, March 23, 2012

One of those weeks

..when I don't feel like I've got much done...! Holly has been off school sick for a couple of days (nothing serious,sore throat and a snotty nose!),she seems ok now though :)
On Wednesday evening I went to watch Em take part in her school House Music evening.She didn't really want any of us to go and watch her as she wasn't happy that it was really under rehearsed and unorganised (she was singing as part of a group).However she relented and let me go! Honestly,I was so proud of her I nearly cried.She is the first to admit that her voice isn't 'perfect', but she put so much into it and was really really good.There is no way I would ever have got up on a stage and sung to an audience that size at her age (or even now!)Her house didn't win,but I am still in awe of her :)
Last weekend I got a layout done :) I had seen the green and yellow October Afternoon papers on a LO earlier in the week and liked the look of them.Then when I was looking through my OA Christmas papers,I found I had ordered them back in January!Very handy :) They were perfect for these photos of Holly in her new dungarees :)
I also used some of the new Dear Lizzy paper,a very old Love Elsie chipboard frame and lots of other odd bits and pieces from my stash :)

Last Sunday was Mother's DAy :) I usually try and get some photos of me with the girls,some years they are better than others! I don't think I've ever scrapped them though! The girls had gone into town the week before with Geoff to choose my presents :) Holly gave me the Making Cupcakes With Lola book ,as well as a candle and a photo frame she had made me at Guides,and gave me a black glittery Jessica nail varnish :)In the afternoon we had Mum & Dad round for tea.The weather was pretty rubbish for most of the day so I didn't get any nice outdoor photos of me and Mum :(
I am off to bed, the weather is supposed to be lovely again tomorrow and Holly has agreed to come out with me and have her photo taken amongst the daffodils again like last year :) (Some how though I don't think Em will oblige!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dozy me...

I really should be showing you a photo of what I made at the Ambi Pur craft workshop but....I was very dozy and left it behind at the shop, along with my glasses!
The workshop was held at the gorgeous Homemade London premises,not far from Marble Arch.Despite leaving the house in thick fog first thing,an hour later in London,the sun was out and the sky was blue :)

The lovely Jo was our was tutor for the morning project ,which was embroidering a tea towel.I used to do lots of cross stitch but it's a long time since I have done any sewing.It was really lovely to just sit and stitch again for a while,and I even remembered how to do french knots and gave Danielle a lesson in how to do them :) I'm tempted to dig out all my my unfinished and untouched sewing kits again...! (Maybe when I've got my glases back though!!)

After a lovely lunch in the sewing cafe area of the shop Anna and I headed home (no time for a cup cake in Selfridges :( ),armed with our our lovely gift of a picnic hamper full of craft items (Cath Kidston sewing kit, mosaic kit, clock making kit...which Geoff has claimed!!)and Ambi Pur 3volution's new scent Seaside Breezes' (which is currently making my living room smell very nice!)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day out :)

Tomorrow I am off to London with Anna :) We are going to a home decor workshop with Danielle Proud and if we have time, a cup cake in Selfridges afterwards :)

I must remember to pack my glasses as we are doing embroidery and I won't be able to see anything with out them!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

That's better :)

Yesterday I got round to doing some scrapping,the first in a while! I have actually seen lots of new scrapping stuff that I like this season and have done a little bit of shopping :) There is still a heap of stuff on my wish list though!

I did this layout using a photo taken of Holly yesterday afternoon :) I ended up using a mix of papers ,October Afternoon, Crate Paper and Jillibean Soup :) There's also some Studio Calico,Kaisercraft,American Crafts and Jenni Bowlin on there too :) And I used my much sought after Martha Stewart starburst punch :)

The photo isn't that dark in real life though.I feel better now have done something ! Problem is though my printer is about to run out of three different colour inks and I think I have one sheet of photo paper left !I may be taking a trip down to Boots to use the photo kiosk until payday!

This morning I have rememberd to accept Holly's secondary school place! She got the school we wanted :) Looking forward to buying a whole new school uniform and having both girls wearing the same for just one year before Em goes in to sixth form (yikes!)
Em has something very exciting booked for the Easter holidays :) She has got a place on a four day theatre workshop in London :) She will be working behind the scenes and getting lots of expereince which will be great as this is the area she is hoping to go into in the future :)And it means that I might just have to go and see the show at the theatre where she is based so she's not coming home on her own - shame!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Whoops,blogging has fallen by the wayside again :( Possibly because I've not been up to any thing interesting?! Last months crop was cancelled so I haven't even got any scrapping to share :(
Today was World Book Day ,Holly's last at junior school :( Last year she missed it due to her school trip so she wsa really looking forward to today:) She decided a while ago that she wsa going to go as Hermione from Harry Potter :) Em dressed uo as her many moons ago so we pretty much had an outfit already :) We plaited Holly's hair last night whilst it wsa damp to make it even wavier than normal and I printed her off a Gryffindor badge late last night :)
Today was also Secondary School Allocations day....yikes!We weren't supposed to get emails until after 6pm,we were one of the lucky ones though who got ours much earlier! Some of Holly's friends were still waiting two hours later! As expected Holly got her first choice, but it still feels a bit scary now that it is getting nearer :(
Tomorrow we are helping Holly's friend in support of Big Yellow Friday,raising money and awareness of Children's Liver Disease.So far I have madeRocky Road (and resisted eating it all!) and tomorrow I will be making cookies and muffins for the cake sale :)