Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heaven is....

...matching flowers and paper!!
Get a load of these beauties!
Finally got myself some Twirl crate paper (couldn't resist after seeing Soo's at the weekend!) and discovered that my new Angel Kiss blooms co-ordinate perfectly...how cool is that?!
Not much news to share I'm afraid.Today has been spent doing the joyous tasks of hoovering , cleaning , washing, ironing...you get the picture ?!
Holly now has two more wobbly teeth, including a top one...I forsee some toothless christmas and birthday photos ahead....
Em has been coping with disappointment today, bless her.She stood for the 'buddy' elelctions at school last week and they have kept them waiting since Friday for the results.Sadly, she didn't get enough votes and she wasn't chosen.I am so proud of her just for wanting to do it in the first place.But it breaks my heart seeing her so upset :(
I am off over to Anna's tomorrow ,armed with buckets and lunch! I think she might just get me counting flowers all morning.....!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fab weekend....

I know, I'm rubbish, I haven't blogged for ages again!
But here I am to post about the weekend spent in the company of some fab people!
I spent yesterday and today at the first Scrapping Angels retreat in Bury St Edmunds.Before anyone wonders, I'm not posing as a teacher ,I was just class room assistant - general helper outer! But I got to wear a fabbo t-shirt and a funky little apron!The girls have their eye on it already...!
It was fab to meet Ann(i)e, Soo, Annette for the first time and Ali, Louise and Kerry that I already know fom crops.Emily's classes were fab and she is soo lovely!
I didn't really go prepared to scrap (yeah, I know, it was a scrapping retreat) as I was expecting to be 'assisting' but I got some fab inspiration and I WILL finish what I started!! Thanks to Ali for being a lightweight like like me and going to bed early (ish)!! We were tucked up with tea and hot choc by 11.30pm!
Loads of love and thanks go to Anna, who despite having a rough time at the mo made the whole thing happen - love you!
Right, I have safely stashed away my new Angel Kisses so I am away to bed as I'm tired!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Another year older....

...and hopefully much wiser too....
Yesterday was my birthday and we had a nice quiet day.Some confusion over my cake so I ended up geting myself one from the corner shop! And today was our 13th wedding anniversary!
I know I have been a rubbish blogger recently - sorry! I have been cutting down my PC time and am likely to just be on in the evenings for a while.
Finished off this little Lo last night. I love it...
Off to the Scrapping Angels retreat at the weekend...am I organised?Errr....no! As I am 'helping out' rather than scrapping I've not sorted out anything at all yet - yikes!
I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket at the moment...and I am being tempted by sooo much - new Crate papers, Ki Memories Halloween and Fall, new Sassafrass Lass.....sigh.....!!Really I should just concentrate on using the stash I've got and investing in a 8.5 x 11 album plus some page protectors!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not once but twice!!

I have scrapped - wooohoooo!!
I have finally finished the layout of Lily, Izzy, Em and Holly together ! And fllowing a challenge by Anna using a Becky Fleck sketch did another. I managed to bodge the journalling on the First Day one though (I wrote the wrong date!) so I chopped a flower in half to cover it up, something I can never bring myself to do normally!I have a couple of other bits that have to be finished (you guessed, a CJ!) and then I can start on the gorgeous pic that Jo has sent me.I'm so glad to be feeling a bit motivated again.
After lots of deliberating and mind changing I am now going to the Scrapping Angels retreat in two weeks , yipee! Only trouble is I need a decent pic of me - yikes!
The weather here has been just beautiful today and the kids have been out enjoying the sunshine in the garden, making tents and pretend campfires!I even sat out on the sun lounger with my trusty AMM Tote next to me and scrapped!
I love this time of year, approaching Autumn (yeah, I know it's not quite here yet!).Love the colours, the smells...just everything.
Back in school for the kids tomorrow so I will start my joyous task of sorting through the house, room by room, dusty corner by dusty corner! I will have a little reprieve on Tuesday though as I am meeting Caz for coffee in the morning. Y'know , I love that I have friends with the same hobby!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just for Shirl....

...a pic of some more ribbon! And it's mine all mine!!
Thank you to all those who have missed me! I am touched, I'm convinced no-one reads this and don't dare add a counter incase I am proved right!!
So, am onto my second day of being home alone...joy! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and having them home but you can't beat an empty house, windows flung open and no Cbeebies/CBBC on the telly ! I have just done a huge pile of ironing whilst watching that fab 80's film 'Some Kind Of Wondeful'.Sigh...they just don't make them like that anymore!I have loads of sorting out to do in the kitchen so I could probably work my way through my entire chick flick collection while I'm at it!
Hmm, not much else to report today I'm afraid! Then again , it's mid afternoon and not late at night as it normally is when I blog! So who knows, I may be back later with something exciting to tell you...then again, maybe not!
Oh and Fiona...ramblings???! I'll have you know this is a carefully composed journal of my day to day life...nah, actually I think you're right - ramblings it is!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


....did you miss me?! Nope, thought not!
Stuff has been going in the last week or so but not the sort of stuff to share so I've been keeping quiet!
Today I went back to the Dr's to get a sick note as I've been off for a week.And he has signed me off for another 10 days...which basically means I won't be going back into work before I leave. I feel sad about this and keep playing it over in my head...was it really that bad? Should I stay etc....but I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go....
The girls went back to school today.Luckily they were both looking forward to it!We had a photo session this morning , only I managed to move the setting on the camera so they're not great!
Tomorrow I have the house to myself for the first time in six weeks....yeeha!!
So who knows, I may start blogging again on a regular basis now I've returned , don't hold your breath though! If I am very good and get lots of tidyng done over the next two days I may even let myself scrap on Friday - what a treat!