Monday, March 30, 2009

It's official...

I am rubbish at blogging! I seem to start the week okay,but as routine sets in,life gets boring mid week and I have nothing to share!

So last week...on the Tuesday I decided that as the weather was far too nice to stay in,I would grab my camera and go out take photos of 'spring like' things! On the first attempt I got half way into town before discovering that my batteries were flat - typical! So I headed back home after popping into my Mum & Dad's for a quick natter.I then pottered about the house,attacked a pile of ironing whilst watching a chick flick I hadn't yet watched (In Her Shoes) before heading off out again.And too be honest ,most of my photos were pants! But then I always feel a bit daft if I'm out on my own ,taking photos of stuff ,in case people wonder what on earth I'm doing!I stopped by the library and renewed the books I still haven't read and got a couple of new ones.I'm averaging a book a week at the moment.Though I did read a whole one yesterday...which makes it sound like I have nothing to do but sit around reading,which really isn't the case!I'm just a fast reader :)
At the weekend Em had a friend over for a sleepover which lasted til after lunch yesterday and then she headed off to her friends to do some home work.Holly had fun too as they did her make up for her and let her stay in with them for a bit watching HSM 3 :)

This is my Pencil Lines layout for this week :)
I used
Jenni Bowlin paper
Lots of doodlebug alphabet stickers!
My Little Shoebox stickers
Prima swirls
Red Nose stickers and joke book!

This evening we had Hollys consultation at school and have brought all her books home for a good look at :) Just have to remember to take them all back again tomorrow!

The girls break up for Easter on Friday - woohoo! Not sure what we're doing over the break yet,fingers crossed we get some sunshine!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The world is my oyster...

well sort of! I have the whole day to myself, no plans,no 'must do's ' (well,there are,but I'm ignoring them!!) and the girls are both at after school clubs til after 4 o'clock.But my purse is empty...hmmm.....any suggestions?!

Monday, March 23, 2009

How could I forget!

This other sweet little Mothers Day present that Holly made me at Brownies :) Me on one side,her on the other :) Though I can assure you I don't own a red skirt...or blue tights!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where to begin....

Whoops, huge catch up needed ! I hadn't meant to leave it so long,but life gets in the way sometimes...

So, last Tuesday I went over to Anna's but I think the world and his wife are aware of that ! We had a lovely day just chilling with the added bonuses of croissants and Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate.We also had a giggle looking through lots of old photos and spotting toys and clothes that Izzy and Holly both had as they're the same age :)

I can't remember much else that happened until Friday when we went over for Peter's 40th birthday party :) It was lovely to see Karen again and finally catch up with Annie who I haven't seen since last April ! Holly was a bit thrown by the noise at first (she doesn't do 'loud',bless her!) but by the time the second band came on she was much happier.Sadly we headed home before Peter's singing but I'm hoping Kevin videoed it so we can see it sometime :)

Saturday morning I woke up way before everyone else for some reason,and by the time Holly got up (she's usually the first !)I'd cleaned the cooker,got the washing machine on and tidied up a bit.It was quite nice actually as it was so bright and sunny .In the afternoon I cut the grass in the front and back gardens so they're looking much better. Now,if I could stop the neighbourhood cats pooing all over them that would be even better !

As today was Mothers Day I decided I was going to have a 'day off'...I still changed the beds and got two lots of washing washed and dried though!The girls got me a Momiji doll each and also some lovely purple tulips yesterday ( I had no intention of going food shoping anywhere today!)

We went for a walk round the lakes this morning as the weather is still so lovely :) This afternoon my mum & dad popped round for tea & cake and were treated to another of the girls 'shows' (this time with the aid of a fan used as a wind machine!!) That was followed by a roast dinner for tea - yum!

Last but not least,this is my Pencil Lines layout this week.I used some old photos of Holly when she'd had her face painted at a party a couple of years ago.

Papers are Scenic Route Surprise
Love Elsie rainbow ribbon and rainbow softie
Bazzill Just the Edge
Cuttlebug butterflies
AC Puffy Thickers
Bazzill Kraft

Please excuse the awful photo :( I just cannot get decent ones of my LO's at the moment.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pencil lines

Here's my layout for this week:)

I used Making Memories,October Afternoon and Crate papers
AC Flair badge
My Little Shoebox mini letter stickers
AC letter stickers
Kaiser pearls
Maya Road sheer birds
Prima crystals
bazzill Just the Edge

The weather was lovely yesterday so we made the most of it :) Geoff was working so in the morning we went down to the lakes to feed the ducks and swans...but for some reason,they didn't want to be fed! The swans ate a bit of bread but really weren't interested in much :( After lunch we walked down to the library to pick up a book Em ordered last week adn then walked home with Geoff when he finished work.Once home the girls amused themselves 'airlifting' a teddy bear up and down from Em's window via a couple of skipping ropes and a plastic shopping basket!The funnny thing is, I remember doing exactly the same thing at that age.

I missed the crop again yesterday ,but I did manage to do a layout on Saturday night ,just for the hell of it,using some old papers :)I just need to add the date ,once I've found the original photo and then it will be finished :)

Tomorrow I'm going to Anna's for one last week day get together before she starts work :( Typical, I finally get my hours sorted so that I don't have to take a day off each time we meet up and she goes and gets a inconsiderate (rolls eyes)... She knows I'm only joking really!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Something funny for the money!

Or in other words...Red Nose Day! As I said yesterday ,Holly wasn't allowed to colour her hair so she went wearing a very old hairband that i made for em about four or five years ago! I wired three red noses on to an alice band,though one seems to disappeared somewhere over the years!That ,along with her odd socks was her lot!
The talent show went well and Holly and her friends are through to the next round...although Holly still came out in tears...feeling sorry for the ones who didn't go through!

Em went in non-uniform and with red streaks though ,every time we do this,I forget beforehand what a pain coloured hairsprasy is to use! I've promised Holly I'll do her hair on Sunday...maybe!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh dear...

I'm a bit rubbish at blogging these days!
Life is plodding along fairly uneventfully at the moment so there's not much to share I'm afraid!
Tuesday was spent catching up on stuff around the house.This included a pile of Brownie badges to be sewn on and toys to be mended.So whilst doing that I finally got round to starting to watch my DVDs of the first series of Greys Anatomy.I started watching it from series 2 and have been meaning watching the first series for ages.So,I'm two and a half episodes down!
Tomorrow Holly's school have a talent contest on as part of Red Nose Day.Holly is doing a dance routine with two of her friends..I'm not too sure how she'll do,so keeping my fingers crossed for her.They're not allowed to colour their hair this year (how miserable is that?!) but are wearing odd socks instead....hmm,okay then!Em's school letter had said 'not excessive' hair colour ,so I'll give her a squirt of red hairspray even though her tutor's told them they can't...make up your minds!Her hair is so dark though,it'll hardly be bright red!
My poor camera is feeling very unloved and unused at the moment too, though I did take a couple of photos today,so hopefully I'll add one to this post in the morning.Pictureless posts don't feel right!*photo added of my tiny daffodils by the front door!*

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Roll on summer...

Okay,so I've had enough of the cold weather and I'd like a bit of warmth and sunshine please! Saying that, we were forcast sleet,snow and hail earlier this week and it never arrived so I suppose I should be thankful for that! It was windy enough to get the washing dry outside this morning though before the rain came down this afternoon!

This afternoon we went to the library and I am now stocked up on books to read for the next couple of weeks :) To be honest,they didn't seem to have much there,so I think I need to have a nose in Smiths and then go back and order them from the library!

Here's my Pencil Lines layout for this week :) I love Scenic Route papers but they always seem the hardest to get a decent photo of! And I couldn't think of a title hence the absence of one!

I used
Scenic Route Sonoma papers & buttons
Prima journalling page
Heidi Swapp ghost butterflies & ghost heart
My Little Shoe Box mini alpha stickers
MM clip
Fancy Pants bobble trim
October Afternoon flower
The ghost bits on it don't show very well in the full size photo!

On Friday Holly dressed up twice for World Book day, as the princess from the Princess and the Pea,and as Lola for Brownies in the evening :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Busy doing...

..I have no idea what! I seem to be getting nothing done round here,that's for sure...
On Tuesday I hopped on a train and went over to Anna's and we took a trip to Ikea.I know,it's the first place you'd think of for a girlie day of shopping,but we enjoyed it! I got a few photo frames while Anna did slightly better and got a trolley of stuff though admittedly a lot of it was for the village hall.We did even better in Asda by filling our baskets ...and then putting it all back again- very therapeutic!
Tomorrow is World Book Day dress up at school for Holly.Nice and easy for us this year,she is going as the Princess from The Princess and the Pea :)She also has the same theme for Brownies so she'll spend the whole day dressed up!
I'm out in the morning,and then heading into town with Anna for another quick catch up and a bit of clothes trying on ;) Em is making scones in school so I need to remeber to pick up cream while I'm out so we can have a cream tea as a treat -yum!I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to the library too,though that never seems to save me money buying the books as I always end up with huge fines when I forget to return them!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday sign in

And I've just noticed properly that it's March already...where is this year going?!It'll be Christmas again before I know it...
This is my Pencil Lines layout in full :)The title is Two for the price of One,the tiny letters are a bit difficult to read in the photo!
I used
white bazzill
Prima crystals
Papermania crystals (coloured pink)
MM puffy letters
MM tiny alpha stickers
Imaginisce skull stamp
KI lace cardstock
Hambly overlay
I've been meaning to scrap these photos of Holly in this hat for ages, so I'm glad I finally did it!This hat seems to have to sparked off her love of things things with skulls and cross bones on :)
Don't quite know what I did all day today,but it went too quick!I went out for a walk with the girls this afternoon which gave them a good chance to climb the tree they found during half term week!
Tomorrow I have to wait in for the electrician to come and fix the heating properly,Tuesday I'm seeing Anna..and I think that's my week ahead in a nutshell!