Friday, May 30, 2008

Half term happenings

I did mean to blog the other night but as I was watching Greys, I decided I couldn't do two things at once and abandoned the blog post!
So what's been happening...not much ! On Thursday Anna,Izzy & Lilly came over for the day and whilst the sun shone in the morning, we got caught in the rain walking back from the lakes! I finally got my mitts on some of Anna's brownies and they were so worth the wait!!The poor kids haven't really had a look in where they are concerned :)Whilst at the lakes we had the obligatory photo shoot for which the girls were rewarded with ice creams ;)Love the photos we got,and have printed a couple off for the crop on Sunday.
I am off to sort out my tote and reduce the amount of unused stuff in it,before heading off to Anna's for the evening/night ,before cropping on Sunday :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Well, the weathermen got the forecast right for today sadly!Still, the hanging baskets seem happy with all the rain and look quite good!
As I only posted late last night I don't have much new news to share other than my Pencil Lines layout for this evening :)

I feel a little bit guilty as I promised myself I'd use these papers on a layout of Em...but I have loads left so I should still squeeze one of out of them!
I used
Bo Bunny Teen chic papers
Basic Grey Sultry buttons
Maya Road sheer
Heidi Swapp bling
Doodlebug rub-ons
Pink Paislee alpha stickers
Ki Memories Softies swirl
Angel Kiss flowers
It took me ages to find the right title with the number three in it - I didn't think Anna or Annie would be impressed with three wise monkeys!!
This week we'll be seeing Anna ,Izzy & Lilly on Thursday (cupboards are stocked in preparation :) )and on Saturday I get to stay at Anna's before cropping on Sunday.Seems like ages since the retreat so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shiny happy Brownie

Yesterday evening Holly had her Brownie Promise ceremony :) A big thank you to a certain Mrs Bowkis for ringing her up beforehand :) I was the only mum who made her wait til her Promise meeting to wear her uniform (the Rainbow one is now in the hands of Lily after a quick dash to St Neots via 1st class post!),so she looked all bright and 'new'!Prior to the parents arriving,they had spent the evening making cakes which they then served to us as part of their Hostess badge -so sweet!Tomorrow I need to sew her county badge, pack badge plus her hedgehog badge on to her sash :)This sort of thing takes me right back to my own childhood.I loved Brownies but really wasn't a fan of Guides :(
Yesterday I started the painful task of trying to buy new summer clothes for the girls (yes, I'm probably far too late and we've had our summer for this year!) A note to those who design clothes for children(not that they'll ever read this!)....I do not want slogans written across the bum of their trousers...neither do I want their butt cheeks and bellies permanently on show..I just want nice,easy to wear, non sexy clothes for that?! I did eventually manage to find a few nice things for them but it wasn't easy.
The weather forecast for half term looks pretty rubbish so far, but the girls have a long list of cooking they want to do on the rainy days!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bleach fumes

After a measly four hours sleep last night (I finally removed the temptation to put a pillow over Geoff's face by sleeping on the sofa!) I've spent most of the day on the dreaded HW..what joy! I have a hit list of stuff to tidy away over the rest of the week!

Today Em started a Cheerleading course at school which went well,even better is that there's a group run at the senior school she's going to in September,so it's something she can carry on with if she wants to. This Friday Holly has her Brownie promise,when she becomes a Hedgehog!(Whatever happened to Gnomes and Pixies...oh, am I showing my age again?!)

This is the card I made using the March Scrapping Angels kit.Holly thought she'd missed someones birthday when she saw it on the shelf, until she realised it was just for 'demonstration'!
I have been playing around with my profile page following the changes on UKS, this evening and looks quite tasteful at the moment after a brief brush with lime green and pink earlier on!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I made a *bit* of a mistake with my Pencil Lines layout this that I did a layout for the wrong sketch and didn't realise til it was too late :( Which is a bit of a pooh, beacuase I really like the one I've done and now I can't share it for another two weeks!
So instead I'll share a layout I've done with the Scrapping Angels May kit,which is now available. To be honest, I am very bad at using the coloured Bazzill in the kits ,so this time I made a conscious effort to make sure I did!I outlined the patterned paper with a black pen to make it stand out more and used the reverse side of the KI Lace paper so that the stars were white.I've also made a card so I'll share that tomorrow.Please excuse my rubbishy photo, the colours are much brighter in real life :)
I have nothing else interesting to report,I've spent most of the day traipsing up and the down the stairs putting stuff back in Holly's room and chucking out rubbish!As well as three loads of washing and cutting the hedges in the front garden!Just a shame I now actually need to iron said three loads of washing...
After SATS week last week, the girls are back to normal again, and I think things lighten up a bit for Em.Tuesday is class photos day..Em's last one at Junior school - sob!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chaos reigns

in our house at the moment! Yesterday I painted Holly's room and Geoff put up her new bed.To do this, we had to empty the room out completely...not an easy task.There is very little room to put anything in this house, and believe me, I cannot beleive how much stuff a seven year old can cram into a small room! Hence, every other room is filled with stuff from hers during the the redecoration/organistation.There are dressing up clothes in the bathroom, I can't get to the airing cupboard,and Em can just about find her bed in her room!We are getting there slowly and hopefully tomorrow (Em is having a sleepover in Holly's room tonight!) I'll be able to get everything back in there...
So, no photos ro share and the only scrapping has been for Anna so I'm not sure if I can show it yet :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Miss

..Hippy Chick! I got some gorgeous photos of Holly this weekend (Em wasn't interested, she was concentrating on her revision!).I love how her hair goes so wavy when it's left to dry naturally,and it happens a lot once we get into paddling pool season! So here are a couple of pics of my daisy chained hippy chick :) I feel some Flower Power layouts coming on!

Sats seem to be okay so far, though I have just realised that I have completely forgotten to do the sausage rolls for tomorrow.Looks like I'll be getting the oven on early in the morning!

This evening I have actually managed a layout ...without a sketch! Which is a major miracle at the moment believe me! Can't share it yet as it's for the May Scrapping Angels kit and I need to send it to Anna first!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tis the season

..for barbecue's, daisy chains and filthy feet {from walking barefoot in the garden!}
More lazy days this weekend,I try not to go anywhere in this heat!
Yesterday morning we were up bright and early to go and see 'Horton Hears a Who' at the family theatre showing.Both girls loved it and Holly giggled her way through most of it! After that we went and finally managed to get Holly a pair of trousers for Brownies that fit (3rd attempt!) We then went on to Tesco's for the food shop before heading home to set up the paddling pool and the barbecue.We've also done a lot more tidying in the garden too.I sometimes wonder why I longed for a garden so much when they are such hard work!
Today Geoff's been in work ,Em has been revising for her SAT's which start tomorrow,and Holly has come down with a cold :( We have made ice lollies and lots of daisy chains and have enjoyed the sunshine ,even though we spent most the day sat in the shade!
I was very late with my Pencil Lines layout this week,and I'm not sure that I'm happy with it :( It didn't help that although I'd cleaned the mask, it still merged black ink in with the green I used to make it a murky colour!

I used
white bazzill
handrawn borders
Prima Crystal swirls
Heidi Swapp mask
Heidi Swapp bling
AC Vinyl thickers
KI softie button

This week sees both girls doing their SAT's, though Holly's are a lot more low key than Em's.I'm also clearing out and decorating Holly's room this week so that we can put her new bed up at the weekend.I have a heap of scrapping & CJ's still to do too which I really need to get my butt in gear and do!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lazy blogger...

...yep, that's me! I love this gorgeous weather we're having ,but the heat does make me relax,slow down....and be lazy!I've been making a 'little' use of the neat & tidy garden now that I have somewhere to put my sun lounger ;)
I'm afraid I don't have much interesting news to share or any scrapping.If anyone's seen my mojo ,please return it...I think it's packed up its suitcase and headed out of town :(
Weekend plans include going to see 'Horton Hears a Who' on Saturday morning whilst leaving Geoff to work on the garden (again!) And hopefully if this weather holds ,I'll blow up the pool for the kids to splash about in :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Busy busy busy

We seem to have spent today going from Asda,to Tesco's,to B & Q - fun,not! But things are starting to come together in the garden at last.Out of bad things, good has happened :) After all the shed problems and re-siting it at the end of the garden, we now have a very nice seating area where the old shed used to be :) (Note ,we don't actually have anything to sit on yet...but we're working on it!)Geoff spent last weekend putting down some decking (with a bit of help from Holly ;) ) So this afternoon Holly has happily sitting out there on the picnic blanket, drawing :)I finally got round to planting the sweet peas I bought ages ago,though I think my wicker wigwam things I bought last year for them to grow round are a a bit worse for wear!I also planted all the others flowers, though the slugs have had a bit of a munch at most of them :( (the slugs have now been flicked over the fence into my neighbours garden !)
On Thursday I hopped on the train to Anna's and spent the afternoon packing kits and nosing through her scrapbook albums :)
I seem to write my blog about 50 times in my head during the day,but come the evening I cannot remember a word of what I was going to say!

Here's my Pencil Lines sketch for this week, which I very nearly didn't make at all :( I just cannot seem to scrap at the moment...I have no trouble buying new stash though! Our GDT this week is the lovely Debbie Jewell :)
I used
BG paper
BG Sultry buttons
Pink Paislee stamps and alphabet stickers
KI lace paper
K&Co brad
ribbon fron Ribbon Oasis