Monday, January 15, 2007

I need... make some of these!I love these flowers (pic is pinched from Anna's blog and was originally pinched from Two Peas!!)I generally kill off all house plants so maybe these are a better option!And I could use up some stash too!Actually my main reason for wanting to make them is that I bought some fab little buckets in Poundland today and I need a way to use them all! Some are going to be used in the girls rooms too to store all their pens & stuff.
I went to a friends house for lunch today - we dined on M&S sandwiches and a pudding called wait for it - Crazy Chocolate Overload!! Which was delish incase you're wondering.
After picking up the girls from school I helped Em with some last minute homework on the delights of the Tudors and Stuarts regarding diet , medicine and lifestyle.So, if you want to know about blood letting, pottage and scurvy - I'm your girl!
Tomorrow we are going for a quick visit to Anna's to vet her sofa's - well one of them anyway!They are so comfy and I have wanted one since I sat on the same stlye at Kirsty's house! It'll take up more room than our present one - but it will be comfy!
Right, back tomorrow maybe with pictures of my (empty) buckets!


Sue said...

LOl preeetty Flowers!!
I know all about blood letting Etc ..been doing it with Yr 7 for History..they LOVE all that gore!

domestic goddess said...

so good to see you and Geoff today, we must make those flowers i love them so much

Ann(i)e said...

When you get round to making those can you make me a planter full too?? LOL!!
I am on the card/Art Journal now too, so must know where you got the great little tin!