Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's Saturday....

..and I'm making the effort to blog!
Not much happening here though! Today I went for a walk down to the town with the girls and my mum & dad.Took my camera to get some more 'leafy' pics but I pretty much missed most of the leaf throwing! Bought Holly some rather cool new boots today, which she has proudly been wearing ever since , complete with black ballet leotard & skirt, velevt cloak and witches hat!! She has spent the afternoon at a table, writing out alphabets at 'Witch's School' - bless! No matter what else she has, she is always happiest with a pad of paper and a pot of pens!
I spent the afternoon trying to find photos for my Pencil Lines LO this week ! They are making me work hard when I have to use more than one photo! Anyway, LO is now complete - woohoo!
Tomorrow I will take photos of Holly's boots before they get totally wrecked and probably one of her complete with witch's hat as she has already laid it out at the end of her bed for the morning!
I leave you with a photo of Holly listening to'A Squash and a Squeeze' in Mahers bookshop this morning!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back.....

...not that I've been away!! Just been blogging lazy and ill!Also had visitors last weekend but I guess I can't really use that excuse for all the other days I haven't posted!
It's half term here and I'm always amazed at just how rubbish the weather turns as soon as school breaks up for a bit ! We've had one dry day so far , when we grabbed the chance to go off in search of fresh air and conkers!
So I attempted to get some Autumny photos whilst there, as you can see from todays picture. Kirsty, did you Anaita chuck leaves in your face?! Cos Holly managed to whack me in the cheek with a stick!! I have fiddled a bit with it in Picture It (no fancy editing programmes here I'm afraid!) as it was a bit dark under the trees.So now we have another two bags of conkers sitting here ready to go mouldy!
Anna has decided to close the Bumblebeecrafts shop, but she will be continuing with her kits and Angel Kisses under the name of Scrapping Angels. This will be such a good move for her and free up some essential chillin' time! Crops will continue though - hallelujah (I do so value my one day 'escape' each month!)
Well, I promise to try and be back soon! Though I'm guessing no-one checks back here now I've not posted in so long!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Yep, today was my baby's birthday...well, I say my baby, she was 10!!
And here's a pic of her gorgeousness, taken this afternoon when she got in from school. For a girl who used to make out she had no friends, it was a joy to see all her friends (including the boys)wishing her happy birthday in the playground this morning.On Saturday we have four of her friends here for pizza.I'm tempted to arrange something crafty for them to do, but I have a feeling they'll be more interested in watching the X Factor! As for presents, Em was chuffed to bits with the few bits we gave her this morning (books that she was 'desperate' for,DVD, bracelet) and declared it the best birthday ever *gulp*.But she was overjoyed when we gave her a little extra something this afternoon.This being a little digital camera that she can also record on with sound.Holly was placated with a Charlie & Lola book about wobbly teeth!
Tomorrow morning we have the Harvest Festival assembly at school.Em actually has a speaking part (no mean feat in a full school assembly!) and Holly's class will be singing Conkers and a fab song about the giant Turnip! I will be there armed with the video camera as Geoff will be working.
I think the rest of the day will be spent tidying before Saturdays visitors and doing my Pencil Lines Lo for this week.I have a serious urge to stash shop...but I must resist! Instead I will start writing myself a little list of what I 'need' when I have the funds!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We're live!!

I am very proud and excited to be part of a new challenge blog set up by Anna!Pic is of my Lo for the sketch this week. I always said I didn't really 'do' sketches...and then I tried one!! The other designers (gosh, is that what I am?!) are all fab too and we're all very different which should make it more intersting!
I'm trying to add a link to the site , but bear with me, I'm too scared to fiddle with my blog for fear of losing it completely!!
Today we all went for a walk down to the local lakes /park. Everything was fine until the girls got panicky over all the dogs being walked there :( All were on leads , perfectly behaved but they just don't like bit.
Tomorrow we have to be up early (well normal time for Holly!) as we are off for medicals relating to the car accident back in August.
Then it's off to Ikea! I can hear the Danish pastries calling me for breakfast!!
Eek, the LO looks really wishy washy in the pic, it's much brighter in real life!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I made something!

Well, two things but I forgot to take a pic of the other! I made this card for my friends birthday along with a little 'envelope' album as taught by Ann(i)e at the Scrapping Angels retreat.
Quiet weekend here, though after the last few days the weather has been lovely.Sunshine and blue skies with enough breeze to dry the washing out!
I even got an hour to myself this afternoon to actually scrap in daylight! I find it much harder to scrap once the dark evenings draw in so I grabbed the chance to enjoy the sunlight! Can't share my creation yet...but yikes, I'm nervous!!
On Monday we are going to Ikea , to measure up and see what sheving etc will eventually (not planning on doing it just yet!)fit in our living room! Hmm, wonder if a couple of storage jars will fall into my basket too while I'm there?!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Where did that week go?!

And almost a whole week passes and no updating - sorry!
Today we went for our annual family conker collecting outing (also known as 'conking'!!).We should have gone yesterday but the rain fell down all afternoon so off we went today instead. We seem to go a week earlier each year and each year the conker harvest seems smaller and smaller :(.There were quite a few on the ground , nowhere near as many as when I used to take Em before I had Holly but there were practically none left on the trees.Still the girls had a good time even if most of my photos were pretty rubbish!
I haven't scrapped since the SA retreat...I think I need a kick up the bum....
Tomorrow I have the joyous task of putting ringlets in Em's hair before school as she is dressing up for a Victorian day in school! She assures me she doesn't need any 'head wear' so I'll take her word for it!
I haven't been near the PC much the last few days and hopefully this is the future for me! I spend too much time on here so don't worry , I'm around but trying to be more 'productive'!