Saturday, April 30, 2011!!

Yes, I know there quite a few of them but I wasn't quite sure where to start ! The main pc is still out of action so Geoff has put my photos on his netbook and discs for me.I am currently using his netbook which scares me slightly as I am worried I will do something irreparable to it!
These first three photos were taken over at Moneyhole Woods (Lyzzy's place apparently!) We had never been there before until a couple of weeks ago which is a shame because it is absolutely beautiful ! The bluebells were out (as you may have noticed!) ,the sun was shining and the light was amazing.I have many more photos but thought I would bore you in small doeses :)

These two photos are a couple that I took when we went over to Anna's for the afternoon :) Anna took lots of beautiful ones whilst I hovered around behind her getting in the way!

The kitchen is getting there! All the units are in,just waiting for a couple of replacement doors as a couple of wrong ones were delivered.The worktop is being fitted in the next couple of weeks sometime and then we will almost be done :) I will share photos in another post :)

Yesterday we ,along with most of the nation I think sat down and watched the Royal Wedding :) I loved it, it just seems so long since there was an event like it, I'd forgotten what it felt like! Holly was mesmerised and sat through the whole thing, waving her flag :) We put some bunting up and had mum and dad round for afternoon tea :) Oh, just one last photo :) Cupcakes with homemade Union Jack toppers made from cocktail sticks and paperchains!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking shape :)

No, not me !! The new kitchen :) Despite huge chunks of plaster falling off the walls yesterday progress has been made and we have lots of units up :) I'm surprised at how much bigger it looks and am really lookig forward to it being finished (not least so that we can have the rest of the house back to normal!
Stil no main computer which is a shame as we have been out and about a bit recently taking advantage of the weather and lots of photos have been taken :) Think woodland ,bluebells and a blossom tree :)
Tomorrow I am taking the girls to see Hop (I'm hoping I can ignore the fact that Russell Brand does the voice of the bunny as I can't stnd him!) Then on Thursday we are hopping on a train and going to visit Anna :) We are cramming lots in the last few days of the holidays! I think Friday will be spent moving stuff back into the kitchen (fingers crossed) and then we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt at mum & dad's on Saturday :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It still says no...

but I am managing on my laptop for now :) Just missing looking through my photos and being able to upload the ones I've taken recently! This time last year we were in florida and preparing ourselves for the fact that we had to return home in a couple of days...little did we know at the time! I still have trouble believing our luck at having such an extended break :) I'm looking forward to receiving my order of Echo Park's new Summer Days papers as they will be perfect for scrapping some more of my Disney and beach photos :) Though all scrapping is on hold for now until the kitchen is done. Tomorrow the new boiler and water tank are being fitted and then next Monday work begins on the kitchen. The house is already pretty much upside down as we have already started removing the old units... Last weekend I went to Ally Pally for the first time in a few years :) I met up with Kerry who I haven't seen since our cottage getaway weekend two years ! We had a great time browsing ,shopping and chatting.I saw lots of familiar faces including lots that I just recognised from on line but would feel pretty daft saying hello to as they wouldn't know me from Adam! The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed lunch outside and then sat and watched the world go by for a bit once we were all shopped out :) We're almost at the end of the first week of the Easter hols already :( Holly has been on a three part wall climbing course, not sure that it was really her thing though!At least she tried and at least I won't have to pay out for her to go again! She is really pleased to be staying on at Brownies until the summer as she hasn't yet been offered a Guide place. Tomorrow we will be leaving Geoff to deal with the boiler chaos and will be going to my mum & dad's and then off to the woods in search of bluebells :) Which reminds me, I need to charge up my camera battery.... Apologies for a non -photo post again...I will make up for it at some point I'm sure!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Computer says no :(

So I am on my creaky old laptop ,which means no photos and no Bejewelled :( I can surf (slowly!) and get emails though so all is not lost! The main PC suddenly decided it didn't like what I was doing last weekend and has been in a strop ever since .All my photos are on the external hard drive so they are safe :) I don't really like doing blog posts without photos hance lack of updates! Last Sunday was crop day .I had just started sorting and resizing my photos for my Document 2011 pages when the PC shut down so I couldn't print any photos to take with me :( I faffed around a bit, took apart and finished a Lo I started last month ,started another one and completed one I have since decided I don't like ! So not the most productive day! On Monday evening Holly's school took part in a local schools Dance Festival, performing at the local theatre .They danced to Glee's version of Singing In the Rain/Umbrella :) Thirty kids all with pop -up umbrellas....very brave but really good! This morning we went to see Gnomeo & Juliet (Em's request!) and it turned out to be one of those films that Holly giggled at the whole way through :) Whilst we were out Geoff strated taking the tiles off the kitchen walls...we are in a for a messy few weeks ...!