Monday, January 25, 2010

Felty things:)

For yesterdays crop,in an attempt to not take quite so much paper with me, I took a big bag of felt :) I put to use Anna's lovely new Hello Kitty die (hmm,wonder who sent her the link to that then?!) and made two of these Hello Kitty pencil cases for the girls.

I had to have a quick lesson from Kerry on how to do blanket stitch first though :) They still need buttons putting on, and I'll be the first to admit that are pretty basic! But it was nice to do omething a bit different :) I also attempted some felt flowers, but I think I need to practice them a bit more!

I also made this, finally using a board with a strut on it that Anna brought me back from Barcelona a couple of years back.You can basically use the back of any old photo frames as the base for a layout :)

I have been meaning to use it for ages and thought it would be perfect for using some of Anna's scrunched up flowers on :)I used Scenic Route Sonoma papers.I'm a bit sad that there will be no more papers from them as they're one of my favourite companies, I could use their papers over and over again (and I do!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready for the weekend :)

I have to admit that these days I really look forward to the weekends and the possibility of a lie-in! Maybe it's the rotten dark weather we're having,but most mornings I would rather stay under my duvet :) No chance of a lie in on Sunday though as I need to be up bright and early to go cropping :)I still need to sort out some stuff but I am hoping to be a little bit more organised and not take half the house,simply because it's too heavy to take on the train!
Earlier in the week I did this layout,which I have to admit I love :) The photo was taken by Anna ,back in April last year.I know it's nothing special but it was nice to do layout because I wanted too :) When searching for something the other day (which I didn't find!),I had a rather big reminder of how much unused 'old' stash I have.I went mad buying Ki Memories embellishments when I first started scrapping.And I still have loads of them ! So in an effort to 'use it up' I made a point of using a couple of bits on this layout, the bookplate and the 'memories' tile.Hopefully now I've remembered I've got them I'll use a few more!I also need to remember to hunt through my chipboard more often as I tend to forget the alphabets in there and just reach for the Thickers or Doodlebug stickers.
On Tuesday Anna came over and we did a little bit of retail therapy in Dunhelms and Hobbycraft,just for essentials though you understand ;) We were pretty disappointed with Hobbycraft ,not that I ever spend loads in there, so we came out pretty much empty handed.Before going out , we had a go on Wii Just Dance and knackered ourselves! Two 40 somethings dancing to Hot 'n'Cold by Katy Perry is probably not the prettiest sight you'll ever see!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost a heatwave!

Today has been a much needed day of sunshine and blue skies, I even managed to hang the washing out in the garden! And although it isn't really that warm, after being so cold for so long it feels really warm!

We went for a walk down at the lakes this morning ,to get some fresh air, as Em seems to spend most of her weekend holed up in her roon doing homework! Although the snow is all gone, most of the large lake is till frozen over.

I have managed to finish a LO last night :) Very simple ,but I just couldn't think what else to addd to it, as it wasn't really a photo that needed flowers or bling! I'm not even sure of the title,\i just wanted it finished or it would have sat around for ages!

Anyway, it is basically to tell the story of how I finally own the full set of Friends DVDs,after several years of not being able to justify paying out for them :) Which reminds me that I can now get rid of the seven series that I have on video which are sat out in the shed!Anybody want them?!

I used Cosmo Cricket and Jilly Bean Soup papers, I'm rather keen on spotty paper at the moment:)

This week I need to put together some bits & pieces to do at the crop on Sunday :) Not necessarily scrapping, I think I may be making a couple of felt 'things' :)On Tuesday I'm seeing Anna,we seem to have done our usual thing of not seeing each other for ages and then twice in one week! I'm looking forward to a gossip and a hot chocolate (and maybe a trip to Hobbycraft ;) )

Friday, January 15, 2010


I popped into my mum & dad's today to borrow something that my Dad had to go down to the shed for.When I looked in the bag (which was a fairly new one) there was a tatty little book in the bottom of it, which turned out to be a very old 'Brownie Ventures' book of mine! I can only assume it was in the shed for some strange reason! Mum thought it was my sisters but looking at the name of my 'six' I could still remember all their surnames :) Anyway, what I found inside the book made my day...

Look at that...I made a Scrap book (And I think the other 'object' might be an apron?!) ,probably in about 1977!

And this page makes me giggle,I gave myself two ticks for getting up in the morning with a smile!!

I am so glad I found this,I'll put it with my Brownie certificate and add it to my list of things to scrap :)

So, what's been happening since Monday....

Mum's tests at the hospital showed that she didn't need any further treatment at the moment,which was fab, thank you for the well wishes for her ,I really appreciated them :)

The trip to London didn't happen :( (long story!) ,but should happen sometime in the future, fingers crossed!

And I think that's about it...most of the snow is now gone, but we're still left with loads of slush and ice on the pavements...not nice :( It would be nice to step out of the door without having to wear my wellies and without having back ache from walking weirdly so as not to fall over!

This evening I started a LO (thud) though without having a deadline for it, it could be a while before I actually finish it so don't hold your breath!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a start...

So despite treating myself to some very nice stash in the sales ,I still haven't actually done much scrapping :( Last night I was in the mood, printed a photo, only to realise that I'd already used up the paper I was planning to use - typical! So I ended up finishing off a Lo that had been sitting around since the last crop I went to in ..erm...October...ooops! I made it using some photos I already printed and Anna's crop kit.Apologies for the awful photo, it's so dark at the moment, even in the day time!

The snow is still here, though it seems to be melting a little bit,very slowly and we had a few more light flurrys this afternoon.The snowman's head is just about clinging on for dear life in the back garden!
But how cool are the icicles on this tree/bush thingy? Not the best photo as I was on the other side of the road but better than nothing!

Tomorrow both girls are back in school, normal times ,which makes life a bit more normal again!I seem to lost all sense of routine the past few weeks!
This week sees my Mum go into hospital for a heart treatment so am a little bit apprehensive about that,but there is a chance she could be in and out in a day,fingers crossed.
Then on Tuesday I am going to see Legally Blonde,the musical in London -woohoo!Never seen the film,but I just love the excitement of going out to London for the evening :) (Can you tell I don't go out much?!)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A few more... it doesn't look like it'll be going anytime soon!

Both girls were off school again today.And tomorrow,Em is home but Holly is in...what a pain in the bum! It'd be a lot easier if they were both in or both off!
It has been really cold today ,much colder than when it was snowing yesterday!Shouldn't complain though, it makes a change to get actually get snow in the winter, rather than daft times like Easter and Halloween!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We had some more :)

So having originally been forecast snow all day yesterday, it eventually started lightly at about 7pm.And then carried on during the night...and chucked it down during today as well :)Everything looks so much prettier covered in snow :) AS usual I took my camera out with me as who knows, we may not get any snow again for a few years!

I have lots more photos, but they might upset Anna ,as she seems to live in the land of little snow!
Holly and her friends made some fab huge snowmen at the lakes as well as doing a lot of sledging :) They both have another day off school tomorrow too, though it is supposed to be bright & sunny though very cold,perfect for taking photos ;)Thank goodness I have some Cosmo Cricket Jolly By Golly on it's way to me !

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy (belated!) 2010!

Yes,I know I'm a bit late,but better late than never :) Our New Year was a very quiet one.Sadly we didn't go to to the Bowkis bash this year,as we knew the kids wouldn't last til midnight! They proved us right and I had to shake them awake to come and watch the fireworks at midnight!
We have been done a little bit of sale shopping,just little bits & pieces plus boring things like sheets & pillows!:) The girls got some Hello Kitty bargains in John Lewis ,plus half price HK calendars from Clintons.And today I got some very cute wooden star cake decorations which will end up on a LO somewhere!I have also stocked up on some scrapping stuff, namely white alphabets as I am all out of white S's!!And some bling and flowers fell into my basket too :) I also managed to bag a set of Heidi Swapp months of the year stamps from A Trip Down Memory Lane in their sale, which I'm planning on using in some kind of yearbook this year :)
All the decs have now been taken down.It always looks a bit bare afterwards, but the Rockband drums have taken the place of the tree in the window!Maybe I could drape some tinsel round them?!
Huge excitement here as we have finally booked our Florida flights -yipee! We have lots of planning and list making to do in the near future :)
Feels very weird having no Pencil Lines LO to share this week! But I have lots of LO ideas whizzing round my head at the moment, so hopefully I'll get something done soon :)
As today was the girls last day before going back to school, we went to Starbucks for hot chocolate :)And this afternoon I draggged them out to the lakes for a walk and to give my camera an airing :)
Every where was covered in thick frost this morning,and not much thawed during the day.We are forecast more snow for tomorrow - yipee :)