Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I forgot to blog last night and now it feels like ages since I last did!
Yesterday we went over to see Anna and a beautifully made-up but poorly Lilly (see, you get a mention on my blog missy ;)!!) We re-planned her house (that what happens when you let a kitchen planner into your home!) for her as well as bagging a sofa! And of course I came away with a few scrapping goodies! Didn't realise it was so quick to get there by car!
Came home to a lovely parcel. I had one go missing before Christmas and yesterday the replacement came with lots of extra goodies added - thank you Tracie! Can't wait to play with it all!
Em started her First Aid course at school yesterday and promptly insisted on practising putting us into the recovery position and shouting for help! I think she enjoyed herself anyway !
Today I've been to get weighed (and lost - whoopee!) and just done normal housey stuff.
I've also started on my Art Journal card for this week.Emily's prompt is 'What is powerful to you?' My card is based on love and will probably be a bit similar to others! ;) Will hopefully finish it off tomorrow and post pics then.
I leave you with a pic buckets (well some of them anyway!)

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domestic goddess said...

yes geoff can come again and help me with my kitchen,
i am still behind on my E challenge, good to see you hun