Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lucky escape... the dentists today! It's actually four and a half years since I last went...whoops! No real problems though, I just need to go and see the hygienist to get them cleaned up.That's the bit I'm dreading....

Not much else done today then, having come home from the dentist with a thumping headache.I'm guessing it was from almost hanging upside down in the chair? I'm not joking, by the time she'd tilted me right back. my boobs were starting to flop back over my shoulders and I thought I was going to slide off the chair completely!

Put out a request on the Pad for a pen pal for Em today and she is really excited now about writing to Becca, Amber- Jane's daughter.Whilst browsing her blog, Holly spotted Caitlin and asked is she could have a pen pal too! We have had two attempts at a letter so far! The second was going well until Holly decided to colour it in thus obliterating most of the writing! I am off to buy Em some writing paper tomorrow (I know I've got loads somewhere...) and then we will hopefully take a trip to the PO on Saturday!

Anna flies out to LA tomorrow and I will miss her !:( But, she will have a fab time I'm sure! Keep an eye out on her blog as we may be seeing the world through Peter's eyes over the next week !!

I'll leave you with another pic of Holly in the snow yesterday morning.



domestic goddess said...

off to bed now but not nefore saying BYEEEEEE, i will talk to you while i am away, even if its via text , hugs

jake said...

love that hat placed at a cheeky angle! We had a bit of snow here... but gone very quickly.

jk x

Shirley said...

Oooh Sue I made Sam a fab littel folder thing for his writing pad and stamps, he did love it!

Samm said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my card, and how lovely yours are!
Samm x