Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Break In The Clouds... last!!A whole day without any rain!!
Couldn't have picked a better day either as Anna & the girls came over today and the girls got to burn off some energy out on the trampoline :)
The day was spent doing all many of girly things...the obligatory 'show' (Cinderella this time!), drawing, playing on the Wii, dance routines get the picture!
So whilst the younger ones amused themselves the kitchen was taken over by the scrappers in the house....except I only have a small ktchen table so whilst Anna & Em used that, I was relocated to the kitchen work top!I worked on a present for my sister-in law, a canvas with a pictuer of the girls on.Anna very thoughfully bought her Doodle templates for me to borrow and I am in love.Here's a sideways sneak of it, I hadn't stuck the photo down at this point!
We also had time for the customary photo shoot, can't wait to see some of the ones Anna got of the girls :)We handed over the cameras to Holly & Izzy at one point...maybe not such a good idea judging by the photos they took!
We also swapped pressies (I got a yummy Reeses's Nutrageuos bar!) and traded stash - love having a scrapping friend to split packs of stuff with.
We sadly waved off our visitors at the end of the day and can't wait for the next time!


domestic goddess said...

same here babes, had such a lovely tday :)
i think you should look after those doodling templates, i just adore what you did with them on tehy canavs
BIG hugs to the girls, have a good weekend

Ann(i)e said...

looks/sounds like loads of fun....i am going to join you all one of these times!!