Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So with the weather being so horrible all weekend, yesterday we resorted to an old favourite - making bread! The girls love pounding it and using the cookie cutters(!!) to make shapes.So as we have no out door pics for the last few days, here are some bread ones! The pic of the bread was taken this morning when the sun was streaming through the window...just before it started raining again!
We did manage to get out for a little fresh air though - yipee!
On Thursday we have Anna & the girls coming over - which is causing much excitemenet in this house ! Bedrooms ahve been tidied and the kitchen table cleared.Just need to buy Anna a jacket potato for her lunch (to be washed down with Hazelnut Galaxy!) and I am done!
Right off now ! catch you tomorrow :)


domestic goddess said...

OMG i neeed bread it feels like too log since i had some yummy fresh bread!!!
see you thursday hunny xoxoxox

Ann(i)e said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I think I may need to steal that idea and do it with dean....only I haven't the faintest idea about making bread...any tips?