Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy sunshine!

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes! I spent this morning doing washing, hoovering and getting the house straight for the weekend and I actually enjoyed it! Once all was done I settled down to watch the final episodes of Grey Anatomy series 2.Now, I knew it was weepy from what I'd heard other people say...but OMG!! I howled!! And stupidly enough, I wasn't expecting that as an ending! I want to watch it all again...just as well most of it's been taped over, I'd get nothing done!
I also finished off the two layouts that I started yesterday.I'm not sure about the one of Em...think it needs something else on it, but I'm not sure what? I couldn't even think of a title for it so just went with 'e'! The one of Holly has been done using the Fancy Pants Kewl class kit from the Scrapping Angels retreat, love the colours and they matched Holly's top & skirt perfectly.Sadly I don't seem to have overcome my habit of putting a huge flower on every layout....:(

Healthy eating is going well so far this week - a snack size Galaxy Ripple only has has 4.5 syns ! Hallelujah!
I still have my Pencil Lines sketch to do for Sunday , so if you see me here tomorrow - shout at me!
And one last photo for Anna.... check out the length of those stems ;)


domestic goddess said...

i want those daisies,
love the font on the Holly LO what is it?? i NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
see you tomorrow hun xxxx

Ann(i)e said...

LOVE how you used that big photo corner!!!
and yes, it's the sun glorious!!!

jake said...

Oh, I love both those layouts! They're gorgeous! And erm... I want those daisies too!