Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How straight?!

Had to carry out an emergency fringe trim on Em yesterday...and I'm actually quite impressed by my hair dressing skills!She has a school disco tomorrow and wants her straightened for it.The only problem being that her fringe was so long it would have been down to her chin if I'd straightened it as it was!
Today was weigh day and woohoo, I made a dent in my 'need to lose' amount! I just have to keep going now....
The weather has been gorgeous today .It was lovely to just sit out in the garden with the girls after tea (well, I sat, they ran around!)Love this photo of Holly's Crocs! Just took this of her when she wasn't posing!

I still have no creativeness to share, hoping to get something done tomorrow before I go to the hairdressers.
Right, I am off for now.
Hello to Alison if you read this!! Yes, I have been brave enough to tell a real, non- scrapping person that I have a blog.So now I'll have to watch what I say! :)


domestic goddess said...

i l;ove Hollys crocs, now i know where to go for a quick trim!!!

Ann(i)e said...

Have you broken into the choco stash yet????
If not, you have amazing will power!!
So glad it arrived safe and sound!!!
you take GREAT photos....really, I am putzing about with all these settings and you take stellar photos!!! love them!!!
PS I need a hair cut!!! Fancy coming round to do it?? LOL!!!

Alison said...

My first mention on a blog!! Enjoyed reading about your week. See you back at school next week.