Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yum yum yum!!

Have to share this pic of my treat I picked up yesterday! When we were in Watford we came across a shop called Sweet Heaven..selling Reeces Pieces - drool!! I quickly grabbed three packs (though had I realised how expensive they were it would have just one!)Now I have to make them last..and last....
Week 31 is live over at Pencil Lines , and here is my layout.
This week I've used this months page kit from scrapping Angels.Everything you see is in the kit, plus I still have loads of scraps left over, as well as brads, cardstock , patterned paper and ribbon that I haven't even touched yet! Oh, I used one of my own punches to cut the blus flower from cardstock in the kit :)The papera are from the Tres Jolie range by My Minds Eye.
I also used
Stamps Away alphabet stamps
Freestyle alphabet stamps
Banana Frog dotty swirl stamp

We got a Nintendo Wii yesterday - woohoo! I can't believe how knackered my arms are , but all that boxing must be toning my bingo wings!!

Tomorrow we are off on our hols so I will be having an internet free four days...I am quite ready for it!So please try not to miss me too much and I will be back to bore you at the end of the week!

Oh..and the only thing I am guilty of is waiting for a CJ to arrive home...just incase you were wondering...


joanna said...

Beautiful layout, my lovely :) And Reese's Pieces - YUMMO!! (Shame I'm on a diet :D) xxx

Shirley said...

I never thought yu were guilty of anything hun! Simply a victim of gross injustice.
But I love ya....dunno if that's consolation!

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you've eaten them all and a new batch will arrive on your doorstep :)
Hope you've had a GREAT time!!!

domestic goddess said...

i absolutley adore this layout, such a scrummy kit as well , heheheh

Anonymous said...

You are guilty of NOTHING! You're cheating by using that kit btw (insert cross face here as I haven't got mine yet) xx