Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just for Anna...

...I am updating!! Now you can stop nagging me woman!!
So...where to start?! As I said in the last post the Scrapping Angels retreat was a HUGE success.I am so pleased for Anna after all the hard work she put in to make it all happen(even if she does always nick my words and use them as her own!:).And somewhere along the way I have given the impression that I am organised (thanks Jane!!), could someone pass this info on to my DH please?!The charity auction raised a fantastic amount for the very worthy cause of MS.Must have been the oh so graceful way Helen and I paraded the 'goods' on offer!:) Check out Anna's blog for the grand total (and again she hasn't given me credit for the photos...;) )
Anna, Annie and I found a fab place by the lake for a little photo shoot, very 'under the boardwalk' like.Love the pics I took of them both .Also have to share the fab photo Anna took of us when Geoff and the girls came to pick me up on Sunday.Photos of the four of us are very few and far between!
Louise and I took full advantage of the wonderful puddings on offer at the hotel (you were such a bad influence on me!)Annie I spent Saturday night at Anna's where we polished off the evening with a glass of wine and a good old girly gossip! Thanks to Peter for my yummy breakfast of peanut butter on toast Sunday morning!
Cannot wait to do it all again!
I have so much catching up to do...haven't blog surfed for ages or done my Emily cards either :( Hopefully I will get a chance to get some bits done later in the week.I also have a rather yummy Scrapping Angels kit to use too *insert big smilie here*
Right I am off to copy photos onto discs and draw up a list of terms & conditions of employment for Anna ...so that she can pay me overtime and holidays....:)
Phooey, the pics are all over the place and I don't know how to move 'em!


Shirley said...

Lovely family shot hunny!

Gigi said...

sue that pic of the 4 of you is so fantastic!!!

PLEASE tell me it will be framed soon...it is just gorgeous!!

enjoy your week!
gi :)

Anonymous said...

Me a bad influence???? :)
I'm going on a diet.

Fab shots Sue.


Caz said...

Fab photos Sue!! Looking forward to a meet up soon! Oh but we best wait for Lyzzy lest she moans!

domestic goddess said...

gosh i am so gorgeous ,hehehehe
big hugs

Anonymous said...

WOW, that a gorgeous photo of your family!!! Get scrapping girl....that's got to get done!!
Thanks again for all the lovely pictures!!

Lyzzydee said...

so there is a Mr Sue then !!!!!