Sunday, August 20, 2006

Who nicked it?!

My mojo that is! I really wanted to 'do' something this evening but just couldn't settle on anything....
Got most of a LO done last night but have convinced myself that it needs a big Angel Kiss bloom so it'll go on the waiting pile with the others! I have another Cj to do so I could start that too as I have a couple of journals already.
Quiet day here, went out with the girls on their bikes and then had a roast dinner all together for tea.
Tomorrow I am off to the job agency and to hand my notice in - yikes! Or I may hand my notice in on Tuesday after I've spoken to the agency....either way I am on my hols for two weeks now anyway - woohoo!
Hmm, photo for to find one!Took this one today of Holly's favourite books, for a book she has to do about herself for her summer holiday 'homework'!


domestic goddess said...

oo i forget you were handing in your notice tomorrow, good luck hun

catch you tomorrow
anna xx

joanna said...

Good luck, Sue. If you find your mojo, can you see if mine is hiding with it??!! xx