Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just for a change...

...I thought I'd use a photo which isn't of one of my girls! Quite pleased with this photo, taken of a peacock butterfly on my neighbours lilac/buddlhia (??!!) tree thingy! (Can't you tell I'm a rubbish gardener?!) Em pointed out that the way to get the best pic would be to look out of her bedroom window...but I was a bit worried that they might wonder what I was up to!
I ordered some more Angel Kisses today from Anna at Bumblebeecrafts - she has fab new colours in - check them out! The chocolate ones look divine! Just as well I love these flowers - it gives me a chance to use up my other indulgence - brads - can a girl ever have too many?!
Fingers crossed for decent weather tomorrow as we're hoping to go out once we've been shopping for school shoes ! The weather has a habit of being great til we all have a day off together and plan an outing!

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domestic goddess said...

oo nice photo hun, catch up with you when i get back