Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gym baby....

So Holly had her gymnastics lesson today...and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it! Once she spotted me watching (I had to go up and watch from a viewing balcony) she turned round to give me thumbs up every time she did something!She made new friend (yep, she is the only person I know who goes to the toilet and comes back with a new friend!) and they nearly gave me heart attack when they were 'helping' each other to do forward rolls! Hopefully I will try and get her registered for some more lessons in term time.Photo is of her looking all pink and rosy after the class. I did geta couple of her on the bars but I forgot I'd turned the flash off and by the time I'd turned it back on some other kids had decided to join her so I couldn't take any more pics.
And for her treat Em got to go and see Pirates Of The Carribean 2 with Geoff. I think they both enjoyed themselves! She loves to have one of us to herself sometimes!
Tomorrow,weather permitting, we might be going to a farm park - yipee!
Scrapping wise...hmmmmm...I keep starting stuff and then not knowing what to do with it!! I neeeed to finish something!
Haven't forgotten my tag Beth - honest! *makes mental note to self to remember to do it*


Ali said...

Looks like she had a fab time. Hope you get to go to the farm park (lots of nice photo ops!!) brilliant news that you have handed in your notice, no job is worth being unhappy.

Take care and see you soon

Anam said...

what a gorgeous face :) sucha beaming smile.

joanna said...

How much fun, Sue - looks like Holly had a fab time. I am desperate to get Anja in to a gym class, but don't think they'll take her 'til she's 5 (in Feb.) - beautiful photo - gorgeous little face! xx