Monday, August 21, 2006

It's done....

Handed in my notice today...gulp! I nearly bottled it but from what I've heard lots of rubbish stuff has happened there since I was in on Thursday so I know that really it is for the best.
Went shopping for bits of school uniforn today and picked up a few (more) nice charms in Asda! I do like that shop!
Tomorrow Holly has a two hour gymnastics class at the local gym! I'm hoping I can stay and watch, though I'm sure she'll be showing me her new found 'talent' when she gets home!
I may be having a visitor at the weekend as I will be home alone - yipee!
Random pic today! Took this of Em through the kitchen window without her realising. She is a real little bookworm and I love this photo.
Right, I have just polished off a bottle of wine by myself so maybe I'd better go to bed!


domestic goddess said...

stunning photo of Em!
I am sure you will have it scrapped in no time.


joanna said...

Good on ya, Sue - bet you feel better now. Lovely photo of Em - she looks absolutely engrossed in her book.

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great photo - it's great when the kids don't spot the photographer LOL. Although my windows are too dirty to take photos through.... hehehe