Saturday, August 19, 2006

Funny faces and funky letters...

Okay Anna, please eat your words about Holly being the perfect model! This is the face I got today when I was trying to get 'normal' photos!! Love her!
Nowt much happening here today really.This afternoon Holly wanted to some painting while Em was doing homework so I grabbed the chance to join her.I bought these paper mache letters from Scrap Canvas back in April and have been meaning to decorate them for the girls rooms since! So this afternnon I've painted them both with Blonde Moments paints.Eventually I will get round to adding flowers , ribbons, gems etc.I will upload pics of the finished articles soon!
Oooh, and I have been tagged by Beth.Haven't forgotten but haven't had chance to think of my answers yet!


joanna said...

Fab letters, Sue - can't wait to see the finished articles! Great photo of Holly - what a face!! :D

domestic goddess said...

hehehehe, love that face Holly, and i neeed funky letters tooo