Monday, August 07, 2006

Sleepless night...

...yet again ! So I thought I'd update while I'm on the PC!
Have been awake til the early hours for about the last four nights and it's driving me nuts (as well as knackering me).Lots of stuff going round in my head too which isn't helping.
On Friday we went to Bekonscot Model Village with the girls.There is something I love about the place.It isn't huge but it must be one of the only places that I visited as a child that hasn't changed.
Did two LO's last week for the last round of the Pad comp.So I had to chance to scrap a photo I've been planning to do for a while...and it looks like the printer is dying on us :(.Pooh.
Got some nice post today, two setes of Lil Davis Crillion (sp?) chipboard which looks totally edible and the new Angel Kisses - yum! Sadly I'm now in work for three days so unless I start sleeping better there'll be no scrapping from me!


Kirsty said...

OMG - I love this. Her hair looks fab and her eyes are so blue!

Love it. Love the flowers and how they match her eyes.

Beth said...

Lovely LO Sue, simple and sweet. Think this sleepless night thing is catching, me for one, anyways, hope you get some shut eye soon. XX

anna said...

gorgeous LO hun, so love the AK's
sleepless nights are not good, hope you are feeling bettter for next week, see you on friday week