Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good day....Bad Day....

Don't you just hate it when what starts as a good day turns rapidly into a rubbish day?
Went into WHsmiths this morning and finally got a copy of August Creative Scrapbooking mag and - tada!- I have first my published LO!The excitement on the kids faces when they saw it was well worth the wait!
But in the two minutes it took me to walk across from Smiths and into work and into the office I was quickly brought down to earth with a bump. Basically as a result of various changes being made in work I have told them that as from now I am looking for a new job and will handing my notice in as soon as I do. I really can't hack being treated the way I am any more.I do not live to work and I certainly don't enjoy the job enough to put up with the current rubbish going on.
Fingers crossed something turns up quick :(
Two photos today....look at this little chap, isn't he cute?! Photo take by Em at the hedgehog hospital that my mum & dad took her and Holly to today.
And the second...this is what happens when the kids get hold of a digital camera!


rudi-jo said...

So sorry you're having a poo time at work, Sue - I hope you get something else very soon. Aw, lovely hedgehog - lucky girlies! And congrats on your layout being published, darl :)

Sweet Shirleen said...

Awww, wish I could say that to my crappy job too!
Hope you find summat soon!

Ali said...

Good luck with the job hunt, hope you find something soon, it is not worth the upset to be in a job you are unhappy with.

Take care and see you soon