Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So today was finally the day of Holly's trip to Gullivers Land.She was awake at about 5.30am singing Supercalifragilistic...(I can't spell the rest!!) They had a fab day and came back happy and tired.Well, Holly was happy until she told me of her 'arrangements' to go there again on saturday with her friend and Daddy was going to take her.Let's just say she was not impressed when I told her it wasn't going to happen! Hence she stomped all the way home about 6 feet behind me !Photo today is of her getting on the coach (yes, I am the only parent that does this every time...!)

I seem to be coming down with a cold and sore throat :( Having spent 30 mins on the phone to Anna this evening it feels even worse! Have to also give her a little toot for the fab scrappy stuff that is happening for her at the moment - remember me when you are famous!;)

Tomorrow I am working for a couple of hours and then taking a trip to Dunelm Mills in search of a couple of things :)

Then I am off to meet a friend who sent me a very intriguing text today which has me very curious!

This will be followed by going into school to watch Holly's Spanish speaking assembly.And on that note..... buenos nochas!!


domestic goddess said...

ooo i do loves ya, have fun at dunelm mill, and dont forget to check out the t towels!!!!!gracias

Ann(i)e said...

love that pic babe!!! hope you get feeling better ASAP!!!
I have a little parcel to send you, so watch the post (no stalking yet, as I haven't made it to P.O. yet, but do have it packed for you :)

Lisa said...

What an adorable photo! Very cute!