Monday, June 11, 2007

Green fingers?!

Well, it'd be a first as I generally manage to kill any indoor plants we have! But so far, the flowers in the garden seem to be doing pretty well :) I remembered to go out and take photos of the first few flowers this morning.I love the deep pink one especially.Now I know I've been told I have to pick these as they will flower even more..but I'm reluctant to pick them and leave the plants bare! But I will go and pick them all in the morning and eagerly await the new flowers!

No scrapping/crafting done here today hence the floral pics! I kept Em off school today as she was feeling a bit under the weather.She kept herself amused reading and making things with her Hama beads and should be back at school tomorrow.
Upon getting home from school Holly promptly declared that she didn't want to go to Rainbows and burst into tears.My heart sank at the prospect of her deciding she no longer enjoyed it but within five minutes she's changed her mind and was raring to go! Sadly, she wasn't so happy when I picked her up , having fallen over and banged her knee hard on the wooden floor :( She seems to have made a full recovery though, despite the wobbly legged walk she insisted on doing around the garden!
Important-ish things happening tomorrow so I am away to my bed!


Maria said...

I love your post. Flowers are so refreshing and fun! Happy gardening!

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

I am the same - dh jokes that I even kill the fake plants!

Well done on the flowers in the garden! I can't even manage that :(

michelle said...

these are so pretty.. i just tossed some flowers that died on me (again!) i told the hubs to never EVER let me buy plants again. lol

joanna said...

Oh, I LOVE the smell of sweetpeas, Sue - I don't have green fingers at all :(

domestic goddess said...

i love sweet peas, remember to cut them for more flowers!!